Weird Designs

This photo has been sitting on my desktop for about a week.  I think it's about time I post it.  .  :-)

Weird Designs has some great stuff.  This outfit is one of their new ensembles, and the skin is a hunt gift.  I've seen this outfit blogged a few times, probably because it's so cute.  Weird Designs has a lucky chair and group gifts.  Go check it out.

Hair - Little Heaven - LH_hair52_holly_lilac
Skin - Weird Designs - Twisted - Valentine (Dark Katz Hunt item)
Outfit - Weird Designs - Memoire Purple
Shoes - Magnifico Exclusive – [m] Le Plateau Heel Black
Bracelets - Ticky Tacky -  Worship the Black Pearl Bracelets (old hunt item)


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