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Coming soon...

Gother Than Thou Hunt Sign

This hunt will feature the gothest items the participating designers can create - something that truly represents what goth means to them.  This hunt is going to be a smaller hunt, so anyone can finish it within a reasonable amount of time.  It will also only be open to Thrifty Goth Group members, so hurry up and join the group or you will miss out (Oriana hinted that she might close the group during the hunt).  

Operation Squeegee is still going strong!

Please don't forget to visit Operation Squeegee.  It's still going strong with tons of items available for charity, activities, games, music, something for everyone!

The build and the location of OpSquee is beautifull.



Skin - I Ce Coco - Scarlett Freckles
Hair - Truth - Sylvia Streaked - Crow
Eyes - House of Ruin - Mixed Tonic: Seaweed
Dress and shoes - A Netherworld - Green Sea for Operation Squeegee
Choker - Lolapop! - Starlight Necklace - Operation Squeegee exclusive
Necklace - Weather? or Not! - Silver Medallion Pendant - seadeep -silverchain for Operation Squeegee

Imabee, Clawtooth, and Operation Squeegee!

!Imabee has just released the Umeko skin line, and it is stunning.  I think it goes perfectly with Clawtooth's new Louise Brooks hair.   There are 5 makeup options with the !Imabee Umeko skin:

Imabee Umeko

You can click the picture to see a larger image and more detail.  The cute bobbed hair from Clawtooth is like a parentheses around the eyes.  There isn't a hair out of place.

The Umeko skin comes with two brow options:

imabee brows

In the photo above, I'm wearing the Squeegiei Necklace from Sn@tch.  100% of the proceeds to towards the National Wildlife Federation to help rescue the animals affected by the oil spill.

The Umeko body is beautiful.  This is one of the rare occasions where I will strip down to my skivvies to show you how totally hawt this skin is!  :-)
Imabee Umeko Body
Finally, I want to be sure to remind everyone that Operation Squeegee starts tomorrow.  In my last pic, I'm wearing one of the t-shirts available at the fundraiser from 5th and Oxford.

Imabee, Clawtooth, 5th & Oxford, Sn@tch

Skin:  !Imabee - Umeko in Petal
Hair:  Clawtooth - Louise Brooks  (Dark hair is "Black beauty" Blond hair is "Bombshell Blonde")
Eyes:  House of Ruin - Simple Tonic: Sapphire
Undies:  SD Wears - Luverly Lingerie Bra & Thong in Black
T-shirt: 5th & Oxford - Sandpiper T - Gray 2 (100% proceeds go to Operation Squeegee)
Jeans - Sn@tch - Checkboard Lowrise Jeans in Black
Necklace - Sn@tch - Operation Squeegiei Necklace (100% proceeds go to Operation Squeegee)