The Cat that Has Been

Has Been is one of my new favorite shops in SL.  The styles are clean, simple, and retro.  This little dress is only 50L until the 30th.  It also comes in violet and blue.  I saw this kitty hair from Chichickie on the sl-schnaeppchen blog, and because I love kitties, I had to get it.  It's from the Witch's Brew hunt, so it's free!  I tinted the kitties eyes and collar to match my dress.

The Cat that Has Been

The location I discovered on another blog - Avatars in Motion which features some of the most beautiful sims in SL.  I love the giant wolf!

Check out this kitty hair!  The tail becomes a pony tail!  ♥♥♥

The Cat that Has Been

Skin:  Redgrave - Paper Skin - Trinity - / deepRed
Hair:  ChiChickie! - Felina (Witches Brew 2010) - Black FREE!
Outfit:  Has Been - LuLu 1 - Red/Black (50L until 9/30)
Shoes: G Field - Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" - black -
Location: Ocean City
Poses by Just A Pose and PDA

Dilly Dolls & Roawenwood for Twisted Hunt

I am in love with the little Dilly Dolls Voodoo Doll Avatar from the Twisted Hunt.  This tiny little avatar comes in two versions - a plain and a bloody one.  The plain one is the Twisted Hunt gift.  The bloody one is the prize for the mini twisted hunt within the shop.

Dilly Dolls Voodoo Avatar

Dilly Dolls & Roawenwood

This little voodoo doll has been naughty.  She keeps playing in the Roawenwood Twisted Rose Arbor.  I think evil voodoo left those skulls behind.

Dilly Dolls & Roawenwood

Voodoo Doll Full Avatars:  Dilly Dolls
Twisted Rose Arbor:  Roawenwood

Are You Mesmerized?

The most beautiful silks I've ever seen in Second Life are made by angel6 Susanti of Angelwing.  It is intricate in it's detail and beautiful in its design, with all prim pieces - not alpha textures.  Never before have I worn silks, as I am uncomfortable with the connotations of female enslavement, but this gorgeous outfit transcends that and empowers with it's love of the female form.


I envision the evil temptress.  She lurks in the depths of the forest, mesmerizing passersby with her dance, ready to seduce, then steal the soul of all those unfortunate enough to cross her path.


"Come with me and enjoy pleasures unknown," she says as she moves closer to her prey.  If you happen to catch her gaze, you will become lost in the depths of her eyes.  You cannot resist.  


Once lost, you will only be alive for a few moments longer, but those moments last an eternity.

Hair:  Analog Dog - Dive Jet
Skin:  Redgrave - Paper Skin-Trinity-/ mysticMask
Eyes:  House of Ruin - Starry Tonic XXX: Starseed (no longer available)
Outfit:  Angelwing - Coin Silks Black
Feet: ByKay - Sam ~ *Bare Feet*
Poses by Just A Pose
Location - Bentham Forest

Wear Gray

The Wear Gray fundraiser starts tomorrow, Sunday, 9/12.  Proceeds benefit the American Brain Tumor Association.  Sanura Snowpaw started the fundraising campaign after she lost a cousin to brain cancer.  This is an important cause.  I lost a colleague to brain cancer.  He was a professor, and he was loved by his students and his colleagues.  He had a way of making everyone feel smart and important, and he made learning fun.  I still, sometimes, when I'm walking into work, think I see him out of the corner of my eye.  His illness came on suddenly during finals week one year.  He just collapsed.  His health quickly deteriorated and he passed away about 7 months later.  We all miss him terribly, and have named a scholarship in his honor. He always used to say, "Psychology comforts the afflicted.  Sociology afflicts the comforted."  How true.

Wear Gray

Please support wear gray so no one has to lose a friend or family member this way.  The outfit I'm wearing is called Haleigh's Dress and is a collaboration between Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch and Sanura Snowpaw of Dreams.  It includes the bodysuit, the skirt, and the socks.  There is also a set of beautiful skins included with your donation.  The "Unforgettable" necklace is from Puarangi Designs Jewelery.  The Anna Broadway ~ 11pm hair with the mask and feather included is from RezIpsa Loc, and the Chapped Vamp skin is from Mango Mango.  All these items are your gifts for donating to the ABTA and 100% of your donation goes to the charity for these items.  They are only available at Wear Gray!

Wear Gray

I'm not going to give away the SLURL to Wear Gray yet as it doesn't open until tomorrow.  Please check with their blog after it opens for the location.

Shades of Gray

I wanted to do a blog post from Selenium Pulse as soon as I saw it highlighted on Avatars in Motion.  I have to admit I was a little sad when Chic Aeon beat me to it, but not enough to deter me. The sim is just gorgeous, it's great for pictures, and it's definitely worth a visit.


Few things in life are black and white.  Sometimes, things are easier when they are.  Yes or no, good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong.  The problem is that often the correct answer is, "it depends."


Should you follow your heart or your head?  Well, I say always, always go with your head. Follow logic.  Use your reasoning skills, and remember, often, you will be forced to make a decision with less than full information.  You can fill in the blanks with life experience, intuition, and research.


Skin:  Nominee - Mosaic Skin - China - Viscera Defect
Hair: HCT - Gema - P16 - Snow (At Hair Fair)
Eyelashes:  Garage - Lashes 27
Necklace: Sn@tch - Borderline Pearls (black)
Nails: VIRTUAL/INSANITY - Into the bloom rings & nails (Twisted Hunt Gift)
Top:  Eclectic Apparel - Fallen Top (White/Black)
Skirt: Sn@tch - Silky Skirt (Black)
Shoes: G-Field - Square Toe Shoes - Sophie - white

Moon Dance

Why worry so much about being normal when you can be anything and do anything you want in SL? Every once in awhile, you should try to move beyond the jeans and t-shirts and soccer mom hair, and be u-neek!

Dance on the moon a mile in the air, 
while wearing polystyrene hair.
Twirl in the icy sky
Watch the birds flutter by
Care not what others think
Toast the poison, let them drink
I suck at poetry!

Moon Dance

Hair:  The u-neek - Polystyrene!
Skin: Redgrave - Hunter Skin - Trinity-/ beast
Dress:  Eclectic Apparel - Anna Dress (Silver)
Shoes & Pose: Slink - Ashia Ballet Pointe Onyx

Windlight setting - Deep Blue Sky modded

Hair Fair Fun Hair 2

I think that the Ava-Tare Nova hair from Hair Fair is my very favorite hair.  I absolutely love the bats and the bird with the red eyes.  When I saw it, I had to get it.  It was love at first sight.

Ava Tare NOVA Black Night
Ava Tare NOVA Black NightAva Tare NOVA Black Night

And now for the artsy pic:

Ava Tare NOVA Black Night Hair

Hair:  Ava-Tare - NOVA - Black Night (Slurl to booth)
Skin - Sn@tch - Plush Skin (Tone 1-Bruise 2)
(Photos 1 - 3)
Dress: **VEXTRA FASHION** "Zipped Leather" Dress Red
Shoes:  A-Bomb - Sydd Shoes - Patent Wedge
(Photo 4)
Outfit:  MysticHope - Zaraja
Collar:  Lolapop! - Triquetra Posture Collar - Black
(And I have no idea where I am - I feel into a hole in some sim (maybe Taure Ru?) and ended up in this hellish place)

Hair Fair Fun Hair 1

I didn't just buy bobs at hair fair.  I also found some great unusual hairstyles that can be used to create fun looks.  I love DarkerSide's retro Victory style.  I bought it early on at the fair and noticed it was nice and low arc.  I ended up wearing it the entire time I was shopping.  I was so excited to hear that House of Munster is back.  I fell in love with Lola, with the built in horns.  What a wonderful idea!  Katat0nik has a wonderful kinda bob style hair.  You can change the color of the hair, the streaks, and the bow.  It is perfect for matching any outfit.  Finally, BC322, which makes great unique styles,  released this pink streaked hair - it's a color combination I'm sort of obsessed with at the moment - black and hot pink.  

Hair Fair Fun Styles

Hair Fair Booth Slurls:

Skins (reading clockwise from top left)
(1)Launa Fauna - Lapine Pale 1 Eve
(2)The Plastik - HalloweenSkin - Ghost-Smoke-Shadow
(3)Moonshadow Skins - Goth - Plurple
(4)I CE COCO - Margot : 6

Eyes by Amiesi
Top by Vextra Fashions - "Zipped Leather Corset"

Hair Fair Bobs 3!

This is the end of the Bobs of Hair Fair series of posts. I wasn't able to get all the bobs, because, well, I kinda ran out of money, so I had to make some hard choices. I may go back later to pick up more bobs, though.  I am definitely a fan of W&Y Hair, and I really like how this style covers the left eye.  I was drawn to the SyDS Hair style because of the little piece of hair that hangs in front of the right eye.  The Rock Candy style is short in the back and much longer in the front, one of my favorite RL styles, and HCT's smooth, chic style is very simple and elegant.  The last two are styles that I've worn while growing out my bobs in RL. ♥

Hair Fair Bobs 3

SLURLS to Hair Fair Booths:

Skin by Curio
Eyes by Aimesi

Hair Fair Bobs 2!

Here are four more of my favorite bobs from Hair Fair.  I love the neck whisps and the side swept bangs with Clawtooth's hair, and the cute pin backed bangs from Surf Co.  It's what I do sometimes when I'm trying to grow out my bangs.  Uncleweb Studio's hair has that wonderful asymmetric razor cut look.  And Curio!  I was so excited to see new hair from them!  I love the stacked back and the angle towards the mouth.  It was the only pack I didn't buy in the black tones, because the vamp colors are so rich.

Hair Fair Bobs 2

Slurls to Hair Fair booths:

Skin by Curio
Eyes by Aimesi

Hair Fair Bobs!

I bought a lot of bobs at Hair Fair.  I can't help it.  I'm addicted to them.  I love, love LOVE the Amacci style, and !lamb's curls, and the choppy bangs with the Fashionably Dead hair, and the line of the Raspberry Aristocrat hair.  

Hair Fair Preview - Freebies

I hope everyone is looking forward to the Hair Fair.  There are tons of gifts and some really amazing new hair releases.  It took me about three hours to go through the fair this morning.  I am VERY lucky to have a blogger pass, so there was no lag.  Be sure to plan lots of time, and join the Hair Fair DEMO Group so you can try things on before you get there.

For my first Hair Fair post, I want to share some of my favorite freebies/dollarbies available throughout.  (Not all items in the photos are free/dollarbies - I've provided a link to the Hair Fair booth for those items that are gifts).  I'm not even close to being finished going through all the gifts, though.  There is SO much more.

And remember - All creators have at least 3 new releases for the fair and one of them is a donation item with 50% of the proceeds going to Wigs for Kids.  The new styles are not available anywhere else!

hair fair preview 1

On the Left:
Skin, Eyes, Hair, and undies from The U-neek - slurl to booth

Hair:  The Stringer Mausoleum - *TSM* Thrush - Darknight(1)  Booth
Skin:  Nomine - Mosiac Skin China - riding hood
Top:  Gauze - [Gauze] Jolly Tank Top Booth
Shorts:  DERP - DERP. Cargo Pants [Closed Fly] Stripes Black Booth
Boots:  The Abyss - Stompers [Black]

On the Right:
Hair:  Filligreemotion - ~F~ Xenia (Onyx) Booth
Skin:  Heartsick - :HS:Enchant : Illusion : Twisted Two (Cleavage) Twisted Hunt Gift
Outfit:  Bizarre Creations - Bizarre Childhood Dress Booth
Shoes:  G Field - *GF* Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" Black

hair fair preview 2

On the Right:
Hair:  Gwendolyn - *Gwendolyn* Ella hair Black Booth (?)
Skin:  Tres Blah - -tb-[Pale] Jejune Cherry - Dark Winged Brows
Dress:  Ivanka Akina - *IA* Black Satin Dress Booth
Shoes: G Field -  *GF* Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" Black

Hair:  RezIpsa Loc - *RezIpsa Loc* - Eliza - Dawn, Pink Booth
Skin:  Iren - :::: Evangeline::::fair_eyeliner_noBT
Bathing Suit: Adam n Eve - Adam n Eve Clothes - Belted Swim Booth

Hair:  Dernier Cri - (Dernier Cri) Camelia - All Shades Booth
Skin:Imabee - !Imabee: Pale - Vivian - Vivian Is Running Out of Time
Dress: Katat0nik - *katat0nik* (brt blue - Confetti Dress) Booth
Shoes: Ingenue - Ingenue :: Liasis :: Brandeis

All poses by Everglow

Next Hair Fair Post - The cute bobs!  Woot!