Are You Mesmerized?

The most beautiful silks I've ever seen in Second Life are made by angel6 Susanti of Angelwing.  It is intricate in it's detail and beautiful in its design, with all prim pieces - not alpha textures.  Never before have I worn silks, as I am uncomfortable with the connotations of female enslavement, but this gorgeous outfit transcends that and empowers with it's love of the female form.


I envision the evil temptress.  She lurks in the depths of the forest, mesmerizing passersby with her dance, ready to seduce, then steal the soul of all those unfortunate enough to cross her path.


"Come with me and enjoy pleasures unknown," she says as she moves closer to her prey.  If you happen to catch her gaze, you will become lost in the depths of her eyes.  You cannot resist.  


Once lost, you will only be alive for a few moments longer, but those moments last an eternity.

Hair:  Analog Dog - Dive Jet
Skin:  Redgrave - Paper Skin-Trinity-/ mysticMask
Eyes:  House of Ruin - Starry Tonic XXX: Starseed (no longer available)
Outfit:  Angelwing - Coin Silks Black
Feet: ByKay - Sam ~ *Bare Feet*
Poses by Just A Pose
Location - Bentham Forest


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