Is this too dressed up to stay in?

This Liana dress is a gift from Obsidian Desires to the new The Sinister Goth group. Just join the group and check the group notices.


Dilly Dolls has just released a new dolly skin line - the Lillie Skin.  There are six tones and twelve makeups in each tone.  I'm wearing the Marshmallow tone - the lightest.  Click the picture to see more detail.

Dilly Dolls Lillie

It's a lovely skins - with traditional dolly flair.  The variety of makeups will fit a number of different styles - from sweet innocent dolly to scary goth dolly.

See that gorgeous necklace?  It's from Lolapop!  The purple and red version are available for Hump Day Happiness today for only 69L.

Dilly Dolls Lillie

Skin:  Dilly Dolls - Lillie - (Picture 1 and 3 - Veliza in Marshamallow)
Hair:  Iconic - Joi-ONYX
Necklace: Lolapop! - Dark Embrace Necklace
Dress:  Obsidian Desires - Liana - White (Free from The Sinister Goth)
Boots:  Dilly Dolls - Sonata Light Boots

Happy Blech Day!

Job opening:  Valentine needed.  Apply within.

Happy Blech Day

I'm kinda getting used to spending Valentine's Day alone.  My little Chihuahua said she'd be my Valentine this year.  Isn't she sweet?

I can't figure out whether or not Oriana Kuhr of Dilly Dolls likes Valentine's Day.  She made these cute Oops Cupid dresses to celebrate the day, but the cute little animals all have X'd out eyes.  Hmmmmm.  They come in lotsa colors and coordinate perfectly with her recent release, the Stella Shoes.  I paired the dress with Lolapop's new Stupid Cupid necklace (from a mini-hunt at the shop).  So, the tale this outfit tells is that Cupid is so stupid that he shoots cute little animals and kills them.  Oops!

Dilly Dolls Oops Cupid

Dress:  Dilly Dolls - Oops Cupid
Shoes: Dilly Dolls - Stella Dollies
Necklace: Lolapop - Stupid Cupid
Skin: Gala Pheonix - Moonbeam [Light] Yum-Electric Bblueberry
Hair:  Picture 1 - Truth - , Picture 2 - Clawtooth - Could I Resist?
Poses: Picture 1 - Striking Poses, Picture 2 - Everglow

Only the Cutest Thing in the SLuniverse!

This is a sneak peek at the newest pet in SL - KittyCatS.  They are precious! KittyCatS are interactive, breedable pets.


They do tricks, and you can hold them and snuggle with them.


I have, so far, avoided the whole breedable pet craze in SL, but I don't think I'm going to be able to resist these kitties.


Just look at how they sleep!  OMG!  So freakin' cute!


The shop will be opening soon, so keep an eye out for them!  (OMG!  I just noticed the hearts on the paws.  I'm dying of cute overload).