LOTD 1/30/2010

Jacket and Hat - Adore & Abhor - I'm in the Will
Corset - A Netherworld  - Jewel Tone Corset - Emerald

Dress - A Netherworld - Skull and Rose Dress
Skin - Heartsick - Serenity: Illusion: Mistletoe & Wine
Hair - Clawtooth -  Velvet Moon - Softest Black
Shoes - MB Creationz - Bejewelled Forest SAH Ltd.

Bleeding Dust Storm at Twin Peaks

This morning on Plurk, Nominee's Munchflower Zaius reminded all of us (including Recidivist Sideways, who writes the best notecards, btw) that Valentine's Day is around the corner.  When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of broken hearts, love, and death.  It's not my favorite holiday.  So, what would be more appropriate than wearing bleeding dresses and bats?  This dress is from Nominee's new Dust Storm line of dresses, and it is perfect for my Valentine's Day dress.  If I get blood on it, no one will be able to tell!

Also new today is this little stabbity heart with bat wings necklace by Lolapop (formerly Otaku designs). The little heart can change colors to match your outfit, so you can have a knife through your heart no matter what you're wearing.  It's poetic!  And where else would I be thinking of stabbing and death than on the new Twin Peaks inspired sim Little Horrid Hill.

Take care, and keep those knives in your purses, ladies (yes, I've seen those purse pictures.  I'm not the only one stabbity around here).

Hair - Raspberry Aristocrat - [RA] Chai Anxiety Hair - Berry Soulmate
Outfit - Nominee - Dust Storm Dress- BleedingBlack
Boots - Edge Grafica - Engineer Boots (only 1L)
Skin - Sn@tch - Plush Skin (Tone 1-Autumn)
Necklace - Lolapop (formerly Otaku Designs) - La muerte de un vampiro Necklace
Lip Piercing - Mi Pop - black double lip piercing
Eyes - House of Ruin - Spectrum: Moss
Eyelashes - Glow Studio - Innocent, eyelashes - soft

Hump Day Sn@tch

Sn@tch has this beautiful little pink dress for sale exclusively for 69L Hump Day.  The sculpted skirt has terrific movement when you walk and the textures are outstanding.   Ivey Deschanel is one of my favorite designers in SL.  I love her style and her sass.  

I'm wearing some of my favorite accessories with this outfit.  The hat is from tomoto, the skull collar is from the lovely Sanura Snowpaw's shop Dreams.  She is really one of the sweetest people around and very much deserves success.  The sword necklace is from Lostwood and the boots are from HOC.  They are color change and can match just about any outfit.  I am such a fan of these boots!

I took the photos at a lovely sim called Petit Pas.  There will soon be a grand opening within the next couple weeks, but for now, it's a beautiful place to just be a tourist.

Style Notes:
Outfit - Sn@tch - Velveteen (Hot Pink Humpday)
Skin - Tuli - Hope (goth) 08
Hair - Lamb - Bang Bang Bob - Ink
Hat - tomoto - Tartan voile gothique
Necklace - Lostwood - Magical Sword Chain
Collar - Dreams - Skull Buckle Collar
Boots - HOC Apparel - Knee Boots
Eyes - House of Ruin - Spectrum: Moss
Eyelashes - Glow Studio - Innocent, eyelashes - soft
Poses by Everglow

LOTD 1/25/10

I have a thing for cute little bobs.  This new hair from I Love Olive gives me a little bit of a finger wave in my bob.  It's a bit of a softer look.  To balance it out, I paired the bobbed hair with a skull tank from +grasp+ that I picked up during the Creator's Stamp Rally last month.  This new necklace is a hunt gift from LacieCakes.  I chew on my necklaces in RL, too.  :-)

Hair - I Love Olive - Ettie/Jet black
Skin - L. Fauna - {Lapine, Pale 1}[Mulberry-FR]
Eyelashes - Glow - Innocent, eyelashes - soft
Bracelets - Sn@tch - No. 9 Bracelets (Skulls & Metal)
Boots - Coco - Knee-Highboots
Capris - Aleida - Gulu Capri - dark black
Tank - Grasp - Stone Skull Cami/bk+rd
Tattoo - Oddment - batty little tattoo
Necklace - LacieCakes - Piper NomNom Necklace/Piper Necklace (Jubilee Sim Hunt - thank you SL Schnaeppchen Hunt)

LOTD 1/23/10

Today, I got two of my favorite things - a cute ruffly shirt from Lark and a violin from Satoko, so I decided to go serenade the moon at sunset.

Hair - !lamb. Bonjour Operator - Kit Kat
Skin - L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 1} [Eve]
Shoes - KITTENISH - OMG It's Summer Ballerinas 

Necklace - {Violet Voltaire} Doll Face Cameo Necklace: Goth
Jeans - Emery - High Waist Pant
Top - Lark - Karen Blouse - Rose Garden
Violin - Satoko's Violin for Female V1.72 Fant and Electric Violin for Female (Free hunt items!  See http://satokoinst.wordpress.com/ and thank you http://sl-schnaeppchen.blogspot.com for the heads up!

LOTD 1/21/10

Today, I revisited Tusk.  It's an absolutely beautiful sim and a perfect place to show off my new outfit by Kissed by Lithium.  I paired it with DeviantKitties Sleeping Beauty hair after tinting the roses to match the dress.  My purple makeup is from Tuli's goth skin line and the shoes are from Nightshade - one of my all time favorite shops in SL.

Hair - DeadKitties - Sleeping Beauty Hair
Skin - Tuli - Hope (goth) 08
Eyes - House of Ruin - Felid Moss
Outfit - Kissed by Lithium - Norco Purple
Shoes - Nightshade - Blacklist - Carpe Noctem 

A Whole Year?

Who knew that one year ago today, I would wander into SL on a whim and find a place so fascinating.  Here is my one year Rez Day photo.  It's been a wonderful year in SL.  What a great place.

Hair: - YunA's Hair - Milk = Iclimited (Camp Item)
Necklace = Dark Mouse Moon & Stars necklace
Shirt - Gloomi Noir - Beguile Sweater - black - (Thrifty Goth Group Gift)
Skin - Tuli - Hope (goth) 09
Eyes - Ruin - Felid Moss
Horns - Schadenfreude - Kinder Horns (New Release)

Photo taken with Mechanized Life Filter Cam

LOTD 1/18/10

Have you been to the Red Cross donation center at Scribble?  There are tons of wonderful items available there, affordably priced, and the proceeds benefit the Red Cross.

Hair - Nouveau Miranda - Monster/Silver
Skin - Frick - Sophia in Peach
Eyes - Tacky Star: Satin Button (benefits Red Cross)
Outfit - Luster - Tulip - White (R)
Shoes - A-Bomb - Dolly Pumps
Skybox - Bleak Winter Skybox by Stein Shilova (benefits Red Cross) 

LOTD 1/16/10

Skin - Ugly Duck - Bella - Redlips - cateye
Hair - Clawtooth - Velvet Moon - Softest Black
Jacket - Aoharu - BT RollupRidersJK_withShirt_Leopard/Black (50% off sale)
Shirt - Nightshade - Dark Star Heart Aflame (Gift for the Thrifty Goth Group)
Pants - Sn@tch - Road to Hell Cheetah Jeans
Boots - Anexx - LaceupBoots_Black  (50% off sale)

Tattoo - >>> moloko <<< Stardust Tattoo Female

Trilogy Station

Arrived at the Trilogy station today. It was a long train ride involving 6 stops, a man in a gorilla suit, and a juggler who kept dropping the swords.  Such is the story of my life, though.  All I wanted was a nice cup of coffee.  Trilogy is a wonderful little rainy shopping district with cute shops and a wonderful atmosphere.

I was lucky yesterday while clothing shopping and scored this cute little outfit from Cupcakes in their lucky chair.  The black and white check shoes are from Duh! in the Shoes and Accessories Hunt.  Wearing new shoes, especially cute ones like this make up for almost getting sliced in two on the subway.  Crazy jugglers.

Vive9 has just released the new Marianne skins with the cute little buck teeth.  She has a "beta" set available if you want to try before you buy.  That's what I'm wearing here.  The skin has sort of a wide eyed look with a little Britney Spears nose.  I think it's cute, but unfortunately, so did the guy in the gorilla suit.  Yeek!  Oh, and the hair is a new release from I Love Olive!  I love hair with bangs.

So, I'll wait here for my friends - that's not my smoke - someone left it just burning in the ashtray.  *sheesh*  I'm not gonna touch it.

Hair - I Love Olive - Betty hair in Jet Black (New Release -R)
Skin - Vive9 - Marianne [pale] babyDoll &*teeth/freks* skin (free)
Eyes - Clover - Real Eyes #3
Outfit - Cupcakes - Striped Top & Leggings - Black and White (Lucky Chair)
Boots - Duh! - Sneaker Boots - White (SAH Gift)
Bag - Sn@tch - Messenger Bag 

LOTD 1/11/10

Sometimes, when you're hungry, you'll eat just about anything.  Microwave convenience store hot dogs are only for the hungriest souls.  So, what do you hunger for?

Hair - Tiny Bird - Love Love Love - Dagrees (50L Friday - tinted)
Skin - L. Fauna - Lapin. Pale 1. Eve FR
Leggings - Mischief - Everyday Leggings (Skipping Stones Hunt)
Dress - DYN Pop Dress (Red Roses) (R)
Boots - SD Wears Limited Edition Funeral Boots (R)
Necklace - Wretched Dollies - Fleur De Lis Black Diamond Necklace

It's Cold Outside

So, it's the perfect time to wear my new Blizzard Dress from LuNi Designs.  This dress is so cute, and it even glows in the dark.

Blizzard by day:

And Blizzard by night:

HOC Apparel - Knee Boots Truth Hair - Grace - Snow & Kylei Bow Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] Elf-Happy Holidays

Blogger Challenge - Then and Now

Here is my answer to yet another Blogger Challenge, this one from Sophia Harlow via Plurk.  She asked bloggers to post a picture of themselves in the past and now.

Here's me about 3 weeks into SL waiting for a concert to begin at Rhapsody Isle:

Hair - <TheAbyss> Hair - Aeon - Full Moon
Shirt - Ducknipple - Snabble Knit Top
Necklace - *AD* free love medaillon
Cat - *AD* black shoulder cat
Skin - *~{Frick} Retro Pinup: Peach Betty (I think)

And me now:

Hair - !lamb. Bang Bang Bob - Ink
Skin - L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 1} [Eve-FR]
Dress - Jillybean's Black Sparkle Dress
Tattoo - >>> moloko <<< Stardust Tattoo Female
Piercings - [Miasma] Locked
Photo taken with FilterCam from Mechanized Life

Blogger Challenge - Favorite Freebies

This one is a few days late, but I wanted to post my favorite freebies of 2009 - Sileny's Blogger Challenge.

These are the things I had the most fun with, after all, isn't that what SL is all about?

From the Twisted Hunt Fall '09, the Bloody Piano from ::Gehenna:: - it is one of my favorite items in my inventory, and I can sit and play it for hours while staring at the bloody knife thinking evil thoughts.

The Witches Kitchen from the amazingly cool Shanistic Zenovka of Claw'd (also from the Twisted Hunt)- I had SO much fun cooking my friends in this kitchen!  There's nothing better than friends for dinner!

And, of course who could forget the exclusive Callie Cline hair - a gift to the bloggers during the summer!  I can't remember when I laughed as hard as I did when I first put this on!

Thank you, designers, for making me laugh, for sharing your creative talents, and for making SL such an amazing place.