Blogger's Challenge - Three Things

Three things in my inventory that I couldn't part with:

They are my three defaults and probably the three things I've worn more than anything else in my inventory:
Skin - LF Chai Sugar - Crush Freckle
Jewelry - Violet Voltaire - Glitterati Necklace and Earrings
Boots - Animas Design - AD Lady Biker Boot

I don't think the skin is available anymore, but Launa Fauna has some beautiful new skins out.  Her skins were some of the first ones I bought, and they are always the skins I go back to.  I absolutely love the freckles (something I've always wished I had in RL). Violet Voltaire makes wonderful jewelry.  I saw the necklace while doing the Twisted Hunt back in the spring.  I returned to her shop months later and bought the necklace and earrings set.  It's texture change and the cameo can either be a skull, a rose, or a crown.  I'm not a stiletto type girl in RL or in SL.  I much prefer my chucks or biker boots.  Even though heels don't hurt avatar feet, I still cringe at the idea of wearing them.  So, I clomp around SL wearing boots with dresses, jeans and leggings, just like I do in RL.

Other things in the photo:
Outfit - Mischief - **MIS** Hipsters n Leggings (Skipping Stone Hunt)
Hair - Analog Dog - Bet Jet
Photos taken using my newly purchased Filtercam!

Circle of 30 Items

Tuesday, December 15th is the last day to purchase Circle of 30 items to support our fight against domestic violence.  Here are some of the wonderful items you can pick up.

This is the lovely writing desk from Hello Avatard and the comfy top from Pig.  The writing desk comes with a pen and a writing pose.  The top comes in two styles - a short cropped look and this longer style. I'm wearing Blossom's Shapes "slave girl" shape in all the photos.

This purple t-shirt and collar are from Dreams.  Sanura Snowpaw also made a light purple version of these items.

Again, T-shirt and collar from Dreams

The umbrella is from Weather! or Not? and poofs little feathers, the Jewelry is from Secrets of Gaia - two arm bands, a necklace, and a belt, and the dress and shoes are from A Netherworld.  The dress also comes with a baby doll skirt option.

Finally, the "Real Men Don't Hit" t-shirt is from Alexohol and the facial piercings are from Virtual Insanity

Other items not blogged can be previewed in A Netherworld's blog.  All of these items are super cute and cost 100L or less.  All proceeds go directly to help victims of domestic violence.

If you're in need of help, find any of our kiosks and click the purple ribbon for a wealth of information and resources.  If you would like to donate, without making a purchase, donation kiosks can be found at The Thrifty Goth Headquarters and at Epiphany Island.

The following are not items from the Circle of 30:
Hair - Truth - Grace
Skin - Photo 1: Heartsick - Serenity,  Photos 2 & 3: Dutch Touch - Onyx Purple Special Ed Spring, Photos 4, 5, & 6 - Rotten Toe - Jane, Lt, Oh me!
Jeans - Zaara - Classic Indigo Jeans
Boots - Studio M'z -  Engineer Boots

My Beautiful New Ice Castle

I just bought this beautiful new Ice Castle from Aisuru's shop Beloved Custom Designs. 

Is absolutely gorgeous, and I was immediately reminded of the movie Ice Castles with Robbie Benson.  Anyone remember him?  It was a movie about a blind figure skater.  I grew up skating and even skated in a competitive synchronized skating team when I was in college.  So, I had to build an ice rink for my ice castle to pay tribute to the movie.

I have a wonderful ice skating HUD from L/S Pro available on xstreet here.  The black skating dress is from Nylon Outfitters in Tableau.  With the HUD, you can skate forward, jump, spread eagle, spiral, and do a number of spins.  It comes with a free set of figure skates.

I even went skating in the castle just for fun.  Here, I'm wearing my Dirty Knit Tunic, a DSN gift from Honey Soul.  It makes a nice ice skating dress.

I love my new ice castle and skating rink.  It's a wonderful way to start out the season!

Hair:  Vignette - Izzy (Now free!)
Skin: LF Chai Skin - Tangerine Dream Freckle (no longer available)
Boots: Kumamoto Japan - KJ Beige Sheepskin Boots (freebie)
Dress:  Devilish Cupcake - Clair
Bolero: Hal Hina - Ivory Knit Bolero - B2203*G

Comments on Content Theft

Yet again, butting in on the debate, I thought I would post some of my thoughts on content theft.  Coming up are two campaigns, the Step Up campaign, and the Artist's Voice.  Both campaigns request merchants to take action against content theft this week.  There is debate about whether either a moratorium on uploading or a moratorium on all commerce will have any impact.  I am not going to enter that debate; however, I can offer my opinion about what types of things tend to work from a sociological/anthropological perspective.

I believe that content theft and other forms of deviant behavior run rampant in Second Life because it lacks a sense of community.  Criminologists today argue that there are two things that really protect a society or group from deviance and crime - social cohesion and collective efficacy.  Social cohesion is a sense of community, and Collective efficacy refers to the willingness of members of a community to look out for one another and to intervene for social control.

In RL, societies develop slowly and laws develop as needed.   The speed at which SL has grown and its degree of complexity is, I think, historically unique.  Rapid growth, heterogeneity, and poverty are criminogenic in the real world, and SL has all three of these characteristics, at least in some form  So, it isn't a surprise that we're seeing crime in the virtual world.  Thus, at least in some sense, the struggles that content creators are experiencing are growing pains.

I don't know how many people are logged into Second Life on average at any given time, but if it is around 60 - 70 thousand people, that is the size of a small city.  Yet, unlike most small cities, there is no sense of community, no police force, no justice system, and few laws.  In fact, we don't really have very many forms of informal social control, other than banning avatars or publically shaming them via chat or in blogs.  Formally, we can file DCMAs and abuse reports but there is no one who will come to one's aid immediately upon spotting a TOS violation.  There is no 911 system.

In terms of social cohesion, some residents have called for review boards, which may possibly be the first step towards forming a community.  The question, though, is how much social control do residents want in Second Life?  How much control are you willing to give up before you decide to leave?  On one hand, we can have the near anarchy we have now, on the other, we can have a police state.  And, there are many possibilities in between those two extremes.

In the real world, social controls work best when one has a strong moral compass, has something to lose (i.e., has a stake in conformity), is emotionally attached to others who hold conventional values, and believes the rules are fair.

I believe that even if the technology is not available to stop content theft, there are real steps that Linden Labs can take to ameliorate the problem.  The following are some brainstormed ideas based on my experience with what works in the real world.  First, give new avatars more choice in determining their initial appearance.  This includes a choice of quality designed outfits, skins, and hair.  I'm sure many designers would be willing to contribute to this.   Second, before leaving the orientation section, a new avatar should be introduced to the general expectations regarding behavior in Second Life.  I don't think coming up with a list of basic norms would be too difficult.  Third, new avatars should have to acknowledge receipt of and a willingness to adhere to an honor code.  Fourth, new avatars should automatically become a member of a community.  Communities can be built around interests.  There should be mentors automatically assigned to new avatars rather than just throwing someone out to the grid to fend for themselves.  Finally, verification of identity upon registration would give Linden Labs the information they need to deal with complaints and would give residents more of a stake in conformity.  I think these steps would reduce the amount of anomie experienced by new residents and would set them on the right path from the beginning.

Residents can take steps to reduce content theft by forming voluntary associations based on area of expertise or interest.  These associations can serve a group of voluntary members who enact ethical standards and resolve disputes.  Those who are accused of wrongdoing should have basic due process rights including the presentation of evidence and the right to defend themselves against accusations.

I don't see the process of increasing social cohesion and collective efficacy as a quick one.  This is something that residents will have to work towards over the long haul.  There will be debate and disagreement as this process moves forward and these are lofty goals.  I suspect that a real crackdown by Linden Labs might be more formal control that what many people would want.  Ultimately, the responsibility lies in all of us.  If one isn't up for the fight, it may be time to throw up your arms, walk away, and say, "It's just a game."

Ghost Hunt

ST Rooms is hosting a fantastic little ghost hunt with some wonderful prizes. 

There are 12 ghost pumpkins hidden around the mall.  Find them all, go through the central door, battle the boss pumpkin ghost, and then teleport to a hidden room with tons of prizes. 

From the hunt:
Hair - Little Heaven - Carla Violet
Tattoo - Demise - Magnolia Mono
Hat - Tomoto - Tartan Viole

Skin - LF Chai - Sugar - Crush Freckle
Dress - A Netherworld - Black Floral Halter Dress

Photo taken at A Netherworld


Zombiefest continues until the 13th.  It's not too late to go.  Proceeds benefit the Red Cross.  But be careful, or your brains may not make it out.  Bwahahaha!


I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday and it comes during my favorite time of year. I think I might have to be a witch for the rest of the month.

Witch broom is from Little Heaven
Hat and Sheep Avatar are from DP YumYum

Coming up - another "how to" post - how to organize a drama-free hunt! Yay!

How to Hunt without Driving Yourself or Others Crazy

I finished the Twisted Hunt yesterday afternoon. It was an absolute blast - fantastically organized, challenging, and entertaining. I found some great new shops, and got to revisit some of my old favorites. But, I was dismayed when, shortly after finishing the hunt, I got a notecard from the organizers. There have been some complaints that the hunt is too hard, even with all the group support. The complaints have been so frustrating to the organizers that they are actually considering making this hunt their last. What a pity that would be. The Twisted Hunt is, in my opinion, one of the best hunts in Second life, and the prizes are absolutely amazing.

I don't want that to happen, so, in the interest of community service, I want to share my hunting system with everyone. This system really works. I guarantee that if you follow these steps, you will not only find your prize, but you will also find the hunting experience to be fun and rewarding.

Step 1: Join the hunter's group and find the blog. The more information you have to start with, the more fun you'll have on the hunt. Most of the time, this information is available at the starting point. Look through the group notices to see if there are any shops that you will need to bypass or that have moved or closed. Sometimes, you can also find hints in the notices. The blog will often post hints, or at least the lineup of shops.

Step 2: Cam around the landing spot. On the Twisted Hunt, for example, the prize is, in most places, within 20 meters of the landing spot. Before you go anywhere, cam around. Look up high and down low.

Step 3: Make a plain view sweep of the shop. You wouldn't believe how well this works. I just start walking around the shop - I almost always start to the right, walk around the perimeter outer walls, then across the middle. There are certain places that shop owners like to place their prizes that can be easily seen this way. Some favorites:
  • Above the front door on the ceiling.
  • Behind the front desk
  • Behind or near the group sign
  • On couches or tables
  • In chandeliers
  • On top of wall dividers
  • Tucked in corners
  • Embedded in an item of the same color (i.e., a purple box is embedded in a skirt in an ad for a purple dress)
Step 4: Cam around the shop to look in places hidden from plain view: Many shop owners place their prizes behind signs or in hidden nooks. If you don't see the prize in plain view, it's probably hidden. Look under tables, inside lamp shades, between a curtain and the wall, and even in toilets or sinks. If the hunt item is sculpted, here's a secret trick - sometimes using the wire mesh helps alot! Hit Ctrl + Shift + R and cam around. That will help you see through things easier, but remember, if the item is small, it might not be rezzed if it's on the other side of the shop. You'll still need to walk around.

Step 5: Think logically, think like a shop owner: If you owned the shop, where would you hide it? If the store is large, and you're looking for a gothic item, where is the gothic section? It's likely that the store owner placed the themed item near that themed section of the store. The store decor can tell you a lot about the owner's personality. Where does the shop owner want you to go in their store? What do they want you to see?

Step 6: Sit back, take a breath, and just browse the store. If you still haven't found the prize, don't get frustrated. Take a break, read the profiles of the other hunters, actually shop in the store, and think about the time, effort, and creativity involved in creating the items the shop owner sells. A lot of time, if you just step back from the hunt and enjoy the place, you'll find the prize.

Step 7: Befriend other hunters, hunt in a group: If you notice other hunters looking frustrated, help them. If you see the same people in store after store, talk to them. You wouldn't believe how helpful it is to have others hunting with you. There are even stories of romances starting and deep friendships forming among people who met on hunts.

Step 8: If all else fails, ask for a hint: I keep the group chat open so if I need a hint, I'm not asking for something that someone 5 minutes earlier asked for. Just go back through the chat log and see if the hint is already there. Usually, the hint will lead you right to the item, especially if you've already surveyed the store.

Step 9: Skip the store and return later: If you still can't find the item, just move on to the next store. You can always return later, and a lot of the time, when you do, you'll smack yourself for having missed the obviously placed prize.

Step 10: No matter what, be a polite hunter: Never complain or be rude in group chat, never harass the shop owner, and always remember that you do not have a right to anything free in SL. If you really do have a legitimate complaint, write it in a politely worded notecard and send it to the hunt organizer who will take care of it. That's all you need to do. If you don't like the hunt, or a shop, or someone in the hunt, just move on. If someone asks for help, and you're available, go for it! The hunt organizers and chat moderators are unbelievably busy, and any help they can get, they'll appreciate.

I hope this advice helps. Let me know in the comments if you have tips, tricks, or advice for hunters, and HAPPY HUNTING!

How to Not Get Picked Up in Second Life

Day after day, I hear all these tales of sordid and prurient adventures in Second Life. People are meeting up, hooking up, marrying, and even having babies in this virtual world. If you ever wish to avoid this in its entirety, I have some advice for you. We create our own world in SL, so I thought I should probably share what I know about not meeting people of appropriate sex, for those who wish to be left alone.

So, without further ado, here are my tips on how to not get picked up in Second Life:

  1. Be Shy. Painfully shy. If someone IMs you, run away, teleport out, or just ignore it. Never participate in open chat if there are members of the appropriate sex around who might take notice of you.

  2. Cover up. Do not (should I repeat that) wear revealing clothing of any kind. No cleavage, no uncovered bottoms, no smexy chest hair. Wearing suggestive clothing invites, well, suggestions.

  3. Limit Contact. Go only to places where the likelihood of meeting someone is the lowest. For example, if you're a straight women, only go to stores that sell women's clothes. Avoid at all costs the following: Large retailers that sell clothing for both men and women, nightclubs, and the entire Zindra region. Nightclubs and Zindra can be very dangerous places if you're trying to not get picked up. Tourist sims are probably bad, too. Try to visit them when no one else is there. You can watch the map for those opportunities. Fairs, hunts, and midnight mania hopping are all off limits.

  4. Isolate Yourself. You can keep to yourself in SL very effectively. Close your land to the public and stay there. Spend your time building or creating. Stay out of any social groups. Do everything you can to not make friends - they might know someone - and that could be bad. In fact, it's probably best just to hang around with ghosts and/or dead people.

  5. Do Not Roleplay. I think it must be impossible to avoid members of the appropriate sex in many if not most of the roleplay scenarios in SL - especially Gorean roleplay.

  6. Be Strange. If you do have to venture into an area where you may run into others, be strange or scary. This isn't as easy as it sounds. You can't be too strange or scary or you might draw unwanted attention. You have to be just strange enough to deter any communication. It's a tough balancing act, but with practice, you'll find the right look.
I'm sure I will think of more techniques as time passes, but this should do for now - as a start.

Style Notes:
Photos 1 & 2
Skin - Dulce Secrets - Tacy Vodka Skin
Dress - Scruffy Gora - Lolita Rave
Boots - Animas Designs - AD Biker Boots
Hair - Schadenfreude - Black Witch Cinder
Eyes - Mystical Eyes - Oceanic and Peacock Green

Photo 3
Skin - Frick - Fisticuffs Noir - Wearable Demo
Dress - SK Designs - Pain

Poses are part of my AO from red Queen - ETrangE
Location: Ghostly Forest

Rose Red

I just wanted to share this beautiful Skybox that I received via Midnight Mania this morning from *Red*. The builder, Red Hykova does lovely work. Her builds are amazing, and this little skybox is just one example. I would highly recommend visiting her store and looking around, and you may just get lucky enough to win one of her works of art on the MM board!

The skybox features a living area, bed, fireplace, and pose/dressing area. The stunning fireplace and sofas have cuddle poses for a couple to share. There is a wrap around balcony, windows all around, and many other fine details.

Maybe I can find a book on architecture here on the bookshelf:

Or, I can practice my drama scene near the warm glow of the fireplace. "I'm ready for my closeup now.

By far, the best thing about Red's builds are her textures. The creative use of color, texture, and style make these homes something very special. Thank you, Red.

Skybox: Red - Luxury Wood Skyhome - currently on the MM Board
Dress: Another World - Fall Fun Hunt Gift #52
Skin: LF Chai Skins - Sugar - Zorena
Hair: Deadkitties - Witchy Naturals

Shadow Spirit

I have had such a quiet week. Not quiet as in nothing to do, but quiet as in silent. The silence has been an overwhelming experience this week, and I've used this time as an opportunity for quiet reflection.

You see, I was accused of being mean (well, the words were "ignorant," "intolerant," and "hateful"). It utterly shocked me, since my words that evoked such an insult were completely misinterpreted - to such an extent that I have to wonder whether this person is projecting his own feelings of guilt on me. I have never, in my life, been called those words before, and they are three of the very things that I've spent much of my life fighting against. Dumbfounding, it was.

I don't take criticism well.

It kind of left me in a funk. But, criticism, I believe gives one an opportunity for self reflection. Floating around, in this funk, I poured myself into my work and was reassured, eventually, that I am not those things. Rather, the source for my original comment (that was so heavily criticized), is the true source of ignorance, intolerance, and hate, and those things go against everything I believe in - religiously, politically, and socially. I believe everyone should be treated equally (regardless of race, religion, national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, and gender), all voices should be heard (because only through the free exchange of ideas can bad ideas be replaced with better ones), and ad hominem attacks usually occur when the other person is out of valid arguments.

Style Notes:
Place - Ghostly Forest
Dress - from the Gnubie Store - Ghost! Dirty White Dress (by Triangle)
Hair - Curious Kitties - Nyanotech 09-1A Hair - Niyab
Skin - Forsaken - basic goth female skin

Thanks Ivalde and Magika

This morning, I received a lovely dress from Neferia Abel of Ivalde and L'Abel. When I tried it on, I felt so glamorous that I thought I should be in Hollywood.

I love, I mean absolutely love, retro-style.

And yesterday, I received a notice that Magika is having a hunt - look for five scissors hidden throughout the store. One of the scissors has this beautiful red pulled back style. I thought it went perfectly with my new dress.



Style Notes:
Dress - Ivalde - Gunda leo pink dress (limited edition blogger appreciation gift)
Boots - Mstyle - Black helios High boots
Hair - Magika - echo-red E (Running with scissors hunt)
Skin - Frick - Retro Pinup - Peach Betty

The Inner Censor

Freud called it the superego, Reckless called it inner containment, and Hirschi calls it self-control. Homer Simpson has two devils on his shoulders. Whatever it is, I have a strong inner censor. Much of my thought process goes into weighing exactly what I'm going to say and considering the potential repercussions. That's why I tend to be rather quiet and very reserved. This doesn't make it easy sometimes in Second Life. I'm not very outgoing, and I tend to keep to myself. That, of course, doesn't mean I have no need for or interest in friends. I love meeting people. But, often, I find myself alone, wandering around, listless, and solitary.

One place that is wonderful for solitary thought and contemplation is Temple ex Obscurium. The dark, damp caves are perfect for thinking about the day's trials, and they somehow remind one that most of what we fret about isn't really all that important in the scheme of things. This is probably why I don't talk about my troubles all that much. The only time someone tried to read my palm, he said, "Wow, you really keep things to yourself, don't you?"

What do I have to complain about anyway?

Maybe this is why I'm only kinda goth. Almost goth. Sorta goth. My life just isn't that bad. Is having a troubled past, or horrible parents, or some other trauma a prerequisite? I just like those old Vincent Price movies, and The Mission, and the color black. But in most things, I see the light, even in the darkest of hours (like in Quaddryl).

But, there is one thing that is, and has always been, missing from my life. It is the one thing that breaks my heart. It is my one pain. I've never found "true love." Is it because I'm so strange? A strange, quiet, reserved person. I suppose it's not the right combination to grab the attention of appropriate suitors.

So, alas, I walk through life alone. It seems to be my destiny.

And I think I'm OK with that. I have my doggies, after all. They keep me company, and comfort me when I'm down. They don't judge, and they're always happy to see me - no matter what.

In the meantime, perhaps I should just lie in wait and be ready to pounce. There must be a nice man out there somewhere who is looking for a kinda goth girl like me.

Style Notes:

Pics 1 & 2:
Outfit - Rfyre Unorthodox (Lucky Chair)
Hair - unknown - sorry
Skin - Frick - Retro Betty - Peach Betty

Pics 3-6:
Outfit - Papillon - Lacey (MM)

Too Much Death

This week was a tough week. Three of the icons of my youth passed on - Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson. It kind of stabs you in the heart. Ed made so many people smile for so many years as Johnny Carson's sidekick (and I, of course, am a big fan of sidekicks). Farrah and Michael both seemed to lead such tragic lives. I think, to me, the saddest thing about Farrah and Michael's death is that they both seemed to have such little happiness in life.

Of course I didn't know them, but one day, my dad went to a tennis tournament and sat right next to Farrah Fawcett. He somehow managed to form enough words to get her autograph, which I still have. I did meet Michael Jackson one time after a performance I did in Hollywood. He was very kind and gracious.

It would be nice if people would be less star struck, less interested in their fame, wealth, and scandal, and more interested in trying to make everyone's life better. Then, when someone who has become a part of our lives either personally or from a distance passes on, we can celebrate their life rather than mourn their death.

Style Notes:
Skin - Frick Retro Pinup: Peach Betty
Hair - unknown...whoever that is
Outfit - "coat" from Crimson Shadow lucky chair
Boots - AD Biker Boots from Animas Designs
Photo take at Little Heaven


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”
Shakespeare, As You Like It (II, vii, 139-143)

“All the world’s indeed a stage,
And we are merely players,
Performers and portrayers.
Each another’s audience
Outside the gilded cage.”
Rush, “Limelight”

“Life’s a show,
And we all play our parts,
And when the music starts,
We open up our hearts.”
Sarah Michelle Geller, as Buffy, in “Buffy the Musical”

Why does fashion matter in Second Life? It's a virtual world, after all. It's not real. What should we care if our little avatar looks good? It's interesting that even though we can create an entirely different world in Second Life, we simply re-create and reify our own reality. We care what others think of us. We want to look good, be popular, find love, and have fun in SL just like in RL. Oh...if only....

We try to manage others' impressions of us by engaging in this virtual social performance. We go to our sky boxes or hidden bubbles and prepare backstage for this performance. We go through our inventories looking for the perfect outfit, the perfect hair, the perfect skin. All in an attempt to make others see us the way we want them to see us. Once we're ready, we make our entrance. We are the performer, and all the others that surround us are our audience, who are, in turn, managing their own performances for our benefit. We even use props - accessories, furniture, and decor. Our identity is constantly changing for the benefit of our performance.

Embarrassment results when our performance doesn't meet expectations. When we realize that something is wrong. "Oops! I forgot my underwear and I'm wearing a mini-skirt" or "Yikes! Where's my hair?"

(Really, I did that on purpose! I would never be seen in Zindra without my hair!) See! Impression management.

And if we're naked in public, it had better be in an appropriate place. Or, maybe just for the sake of art.

I've gotta go. It's time to strut and fret my hour upon the stage. Next blog...the significance of nothing.

Pictures 1 & 2
Outfit: Pixeldolls - Jewel Dress in Rasberry
Skin - Lara Skin - Rachel Pale
Hair - Starmilly Voom - Hair Black
Shoes - 50 Flats - jeweled flats
Location - Fotoscope

Picture 3
Outfit - Another World - Sisters Of Mercy tank dress
Skin - Redgrave 15 Pale Skin - Vivian smoky2
Hair - Starmilly Voom - Hair Black
Tattoo - Moloko Stardust Tattoo
Location - Zindra's Kama City

Picture 4
Skin - Lara Skin - Rachel Pale
Hair - KS Creations - Annah Black
Location - Art Box (recreation of "Christine Keeler" by Lewis Morley)

Dramaturgy is a sociological theory of social interaction originally developed by Ervin Goffman in his book The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.

"Life After Death" Fashion Show

Perhaps it is serendipity, but I was at Blue Blood Friday stalking the lucky chair, when, just on a whim, I decided to finally fork over the L$50 and join their update group. So, today, I was puttering about somewhere wasting time somehow when I received the notice for tonight's fashion show. How could I miss it? Certainly the terrible time difference wouldn't deter me. So, in the middle of the night, and into the wee hours of the morning, I sat, watching, listening, and enjoying the spectacle.

I do have to admit that I was a little star struck at the show. I was surrounded by some of my favorite designers and creators. Look at me on the left sitting right behind Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch, who, by the way, saved the day when we lost sight of the other sim in the middle of the show.

Sl, of course, has glitches, and this show wasn't able to avoid them. Approximately 40 minutes into it, the entire view of the show disappeared. Spanning two sims in an attempt to avoid lag, the communication between the two sims simply died. Apparently, those on the Pulse sim could see us, but we couldn't see them. Both sims had to restart before the show could continue.

The opening announcement said, "Voshie Paine and Nocturne Modeling Agency welcome you to Snatch City and the "Life After Death" show today featuring Blue Blood creations by Ghanima Uriza and The Black Canary fashions by Morrigan Denimore. Accessories are from Tomoyuki Batra of Little Boy Blue and shoes are by Oriana Kuhr of Dilly Dolls"

The beautiful set was designed by Omaire Abattoir, Anicia Medici and Rayvn Hines.

Overall, 20 designs were featured in the show -all hand drawn. Below are my favorite pieces from the show.

The Dark Queen - this simple black dress with a tiered skirt has lovely shading and detail. It's the little black dress plus.

Temps de Catedrali - This dress is sweet and versatile. I love the lace underskirt and the white sleeves.

Lord Lucian - an audience favorite, this suit elicited an audible "ah" from the audience. How could a man not be the center of attention wearing this outstanding outfit?

Another gorgeous dress featuring layered detail and stunning coloring.

My bias is for the more simple and casual; however, for those favoring the more elaborate, the designers delivered:

Of course, I was already a fan of Blue Blood and Dilly Dolls while the work of The Black Canary and Little Boy Blue were new to me, but I found the fashions presented today to be a unique combination of timelessness, class, and dark beauty. They are the visions of creative souls, and I applaud their efforts.

Congratulations, Blue Blood, The Black Canary, Little Boy Blue, and Dilly Dolls!

I, too, am an Ivalde fan!

I'm definitely a fan of Ivalde. It's a store full of beautiful things. How could anyone not walk in and want to spend every last Linden there? I do!

I have a terrible problem, though. I walk in and want everything. I have spent hours wandering the store trying to figure out which of Neferia's creations I'm going to buy. Maybe I like her stuff too much! The decision making is just too hard for me. I did, last time I was there, manage to decide that I was definitely going to get one of her 1940s dresses....the next time I go there. So, of course, I was disheartened to hear of Ivalde's closing. I've been drooling over this dress for months. Lucky me, though! I can still get it at Retrology! Yay!

Another thing I love about Ivalde? The generousness. I wanted to highlight just how beautiful the clothes that I do have are. They were acquired during the Easter Egg hunt this past spring.

I am always amazed at the creativity I see in Second Life. I love beautiful things, and I wish Neferia all the best.

Picture 1:
Dress - Ivalde (Easter egg hunt) Sara Yellow
Hair - Exile - Summer Black
Skin - Chai Skin - Sugar Tangerine Dream Freckle
Flowers - Alstromeria Buquet with on/off Particles in 1 Prim ~ The Point
Pose - TSM004 - Tsubura Sexual Motion (from

Picture 2:
Dress - Ivalde - Juliette Lavenderros dress
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine - Cherry Bomber - Black
Skin - Dulce Secrets - Alais Creamy Skin
Scooter - 19 Motorcycle - D-Hello 1.06
Tree - Glas Garden Centre - Apple Willow
Flowers - The Point - Orchids Flower & Garden 1 prim/64 Faces + Particles
Pose - Ray Skin - **pose3**

Social Control

Social control is the organized way in which society gets people to behave. We all engage in social control every day in our real lives, so it only makes sense that social control would exist in Second LIfe. When people gossip, make rude remarks about one's dress or behavior, ostracize, ban, laugh at, and sometimes blog about or "FUG," they're engaging in social control.

Second Life doesn't have a police force as we know it. The only form of law that exists are the terms of service, and the rules there are relatively sparse considering the size and complexity of the society. That leaves much of the development and enforcement of social norms up to the residents.

Because of the anonymity, the basic rules of RL society are easily ignored. People can go around in SL doing things they never would have dreamed of doing in RL (like wearing crazy checkered gowns and top hats), and the sanctions, if there are any, only exist within a virtual world. Rarely is it even possible for them to spill out into RL where they tend to be limited to violations of copyright laws or fraud. Even prostitution is open in the virtual world, and people are free to walk around wearing labels proclaiming their availability. Because no actual RL sex occurs, the criminal laws do not apply.

An excellent example of social control within the virtual world is the blog, "What the Fug." In this blog, writers and contributers snap screenshots of avatars who they feel violate general norms about fashion or behavior. Both within the blog and the Flickr photostream, contributers express their disapproval of things like "prim boobs," oiled up skin, public nudity, and ill-fitting clothing items. Behavior is also subject to condemnation, especially "stripper AOs" and public expressions of slavery. Some people do feel the pressure to conform that exists because of this blog and photostream while others fight against the social controls (it's actually a form of what's called tertiary deviance). The degree to which one's self concept is tied to their avatar's appearance would seem to be an important factor in the effectiveness of this form of social control.

Interestingly, in the Second Life world, being a "noob" or displaying characteristics of newness in the virtual world is also sanctioned. Not having a realistic skin, prim hair, or prim shoes can result in punishment, especially if the avatar is more than a few months old. Second life seems to be unforgiving of newness in a way that we would never see with tourists in RL. There is, even at some level, a sense of fear (there are sims that won't even allow avatars less than 30 days old). That probably represents the development of a community at least on some level. Throughout history, it is common for close knit communities to be extremely suspicious of strangers.

Social control is one of those emergent properties of human interaction. Virtual worlds are no different. Social control draws people together, creates a sense of belonging, and paves the way for innovation. If people aren't willing to violate the rules, they never change. It's simply part of the developmental process of creating a society. Good or bad, it's here to stay.

Style Notes:
Outfit - Race Day by Cat Tracks
Hair - Word Multi by Magika
Skin - Retro Pinup Beach Bridgett by Frick
Pose by Ray Skin