I, too, am an Ivalde fan!

I'm definitely a fan of Ivalde. It's a store full of beautiful things. How could anyone not walk in and want to spend every last Linden there? I do!

I have a terrible problem, though. I walk in and want everything. I have spent hours wandering the store trying to figure out which of Neferia's creations I'm going to buy. Maybe I like her stuff too much! The decision making is just too hard for me. I did, last time I was there, manage to decide that I was definitely going to get one of her 1940s dresses....the next time I go there. So, of course, I was disheartened to hear of Ivalde's closing. I've been drooling over this dress for months. Lucky me, though! I can still get it at Retrology! Yay!

Another thing I love about Ivalde? The generousness. I wanted to highlight just how beautiful the clothes that I do have are. They were acquired during the Easter Egg hunt this past spring.

I am always amazed at the creativity I see in Second Life. I love beautiful things, and I wish Neferia all the best.

Picture 1:
Dress - Ivalde (Easter egg hunt) Sara Yellow
Hair - Exile - Summer Black
Skin - Chai Skin - Sugar Tangerine Dream Freckle
Flowers - Alstromeria Buquet with on/off Particles in 1 Prim ~ The Point
Pose - TSM004 - Tsubura Sexual Motion (from xstreetsl.com)

Picture 2:
Dress - Ivalde - Juliette Lavenderros dress
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine - Cherry Bomber - Black
Skin - Dulce Secrets - Alais Creamy Skin
Scooter - 19 Motorcycle - D-Hello 1.06
Tree - Glas Garden Centre - Apple Willow
Flowers - The Point - Orchids Flower & Garden 1 prim/64 Faces + Particles
Pose - Ray Skin - **pose3**


Lovely Post Isabeal! TY!

~ Ketsy


Thank you, Jhuzen, for putting a link to my post on the Ivalde tribute blog! It's amazing to think of how many lives in SL one person can touch.




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