But What if I Don't Have One?

The beautiful Emerald Wynn over at her Emerald's Eyes Blog writes, "A continued plea to people to occasionally create a damn character and love it, if only for a day. You've got a virtual world at your fingertips. WORK IT! Be a hungover party girl, be a nerdy little chick with pigtails and glasses, be a thunder-thighed warrior princess, be a banana, be a poster girl for prim boobs, be a unicorn, be an elegant gothic lolita, be a fairy, be a Furry, be something -- anything -- that you can't be in real life. (Um, just don't lie about your gender if you're trying to date me. kthxbai.)"

What a challenge! To be a character! In SL! You can be anything you want. It's a world of your own creation. But, what if you're not creative? What if you can't figure out which character to be? What if....

Awe heck. It's the same as in RL, really, isn't it? What the heck am I gonna do? I've got folders full of neko gear, gothic dresses, dolly clothes, medieval gowns, and formals. But, I don't feel comfortable in any of it. I walk around SL usually in the same thing I wear in RL - jeans and a t-shirt. Is a jeans and t-shirt character OK? Why, then, if I can be anything I want to be in SL, do I dress the same as in RL?

Does anyone else get all dressed up in SL, cam around, look at yourself, and think, "Oh geez, I look ridiculous!"?

Style Notes:
T-Shirt - PixelDolls Twist T Dragon
Hair - Magika Word Multi
Tattoo - Moloko Stardust Tattoo
Skin - Symphony Skins No. 2 Morticia Gothic Tone

Through the Looking Glass Hunt

Today, I started the "Through the Looking Glass Hunt." There are nearly 200 participants. I made it through 60, although there were a couple I had to skip (Loka & Seduction) because I just couldn't find the looking glass. I'm terrible at hunts!

By far my favorite was Sugar Mill. I stayed and played around for quite awhile. I loved this coffee table I'm laying under. It has some of my favorite foods and drinks on it. Fun!

I was the freebie queen while hunting. I wore:
Outfit - Guitar Hero - Little Britain (MM)
Hair - Brat - Diversity (1L)
Boots - M'z Engineer Boots (lucky chair)
Skin - Pididdle - Lien - Natural - (Fashion Mode Freebie)
Mouth Flower with Face Light - freebie from Malt
(See! I'm getting better about posting the slurls!)

Reasonable Desires Sim

Today, after seeing the beautiful Lucretia dress blogged about in Fashion 360, I had to go to the Reasonable Desires Sim and check it out. SoM is one of my all time favorite bands, too, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I bought the Lucretia dress then wondered around. There is a beach, a beautiful garden and a Tunnel of Love. You can take your sweety there, take the tunnel tour, then propose in the garden. I, of course, don't have a sweety, so I proposed to the butterflies.

Style Notes:
Eyes - iced lake eyes by Vanilla C. Designs
Hair - Magika Hair - Robin - LeLook X
Skin - Frick Retro Pinup: Peach Betty
Outfit - Amy Lee Dress from (BL)ink (Sn@tch condom hunt)
Jewelry - Violet Voltaire - Glitterati, Black
Boots - Twisted Boot from Dare Designs (Twisted Hunt)

Drop Dead Shopping Fun

I just finished spending the day at the new Fashion Mode mall. It looks just like a traditional mall - even has a food court. Yesterday was the grand opening celebration, complete with some of SL's greatest fashionista designers. The lag was bad, though, so I didn't even really get to see much of anything, but I danced, shopped, and played. I went back today to do some real shopping. Many of the designers have freebies or dollarbies set out for the grand opening. It is definitely a place I will visit in the future.

Style Notes:

Hair - Truth Jess - carrot (free at Truth mainstore)
Skin - Kiko Life Butterscotch - Make Up 202 (MM at The Midnight Diamond)
Outfit - XZaara: Mala *freebie* (Freebie from Fashion Mode)
Shoes - Clique - Bella Pumps in Black w/Red (Freebie from Fashion Mode)
Tree - Asian Queen Tree w/2 Poses (MM) from Vibrant Eden

Library Ensemble Table & Two Chairs

Yesterday, I created a little table for my marketplace in Ghostly Forest. I was inspired by a similar table in the Design Toscano catalog, although I've seen it elsewhere. The chairs fit perfectly under the table to make it look like a rounded bookcase. Each chair has a sit pose. It can be a nice, cozy, table for two.

It is available on xstreetsl here or in the Ghostly Forest Marketplace.