Reasonable Desires Sim

Today, after seeing the beautiful Lucretia dress blogged about in Fashion 360, I had to go to the Reasonable Desires Sim and check it out. SoM is one of my all time favorite bands, too, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I bought the Lucretia dress then wondered around. There is a beach, a beautiful garden and a Tunnel of Love. You can take your sweety there, take the tunnel tour, then propose in the garden. I, of course, don't have a sweety, so I proposed to the butterflies.

Style Notes:
Eyes - iced lake eyes by Vanilla C. Designs
Hair - Magika Hair - Robin - LeLook X
Skin - Frick Retro Pinup: Peach Betty
Outfit - Amy Lee Dress from (BL)ink (Sn@tch condom hunt)
Jewelry - Violet Voltaire - Glitterati, Black
Boots - Twisted Boot from Dare Designs (Twisted Hunt)


Glad you liked the dress enough to go and pick it up. ;)


It's gorgeous! Thank you for the heads up!


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