Through the Looking Glass Hunt

Today, I started the "Through the Looking Glass Hunt." There are nearly 200 participants. I made it through 60, although there were a couple I had to skip (Loka & Seduction) because I just couldn't find the looking glass. I'm terrible at hunts!

By far my favorite was Sugar Mill. I stayed and played around for quite awhile. I loved this coffee table I'm laying under. It has some of my favorite foods and drinks on it. Fun!

I was the freebie queen while hunting. I wore:
Outfit - Guitar Hero - Little Britain (MM)
Hair - Brat - Diversity (1L)
Boots - M'z Engineer Boots (lucky chair)
Skin - Pididdle - Lien - Natural - (Fashion Mode Freebie)
Mouth Flower with Face Light - freebie from Malt
(See! I'm getting better about posting the slurls!)


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