How to Not Get Picked Up in Second Life

Day after day, I hear all these tales of sordid and prurient adventures in Second Life. People are meeting up, hooking up, marrying, and even having babies in this virtual world. If you ever wish to avoid this in its entirety, I have some advice for you. We create our own world in SL, so I thought I should probably share what I know about not meeting people of appropriate sex, for those who wish to be left alone.

So, without further ado, here are my tips on how to not get picked up in Second Life:

  1. Be Shy. Painfully shy. If someone IMs you, run away, teleport out, or just ignore it. Never participate in open chat if there are members of the appropriate sex around who might take notice of you.

  2. Cover up. Do not (should I repeat that) wear revealing clothing of any kind. No cleavage, no uncovered bottoms, no smexy chest hair. Wearing suggestive clothing invites, well, suggestions.

  3. Limit Contact. Go only to places where the likelihood of meeting someone is the lowest. For example, if you're a straight women, only go to stores that sell women's clothes. Avoid at all costs the following: Large retailers that sell clothing for both men and women, nightclubs, and the entire Zindra region. Nightclubs and Zindra can be very dangerous places if you're trying to not get picked up. Tourist sims are probably bad, too. Try to visit them when no one else is there. You can watch the map for those opportunities. Fairs, hunts, and midnight mania hopping are all off limits.

  4. Isolate Yourself. You can keep to yourself in SL very effectively. Close your land to the public and stay there. Spend your time building or creating. Stay out of any social groups. Do everything you can to not make friends - they might know someone - and that could be bad. In fact, it's probably best just to hang around with ghosts and/or dead people.

  5. Do Not Roleplay. I think it must be impossible to avoid members of the appropriate sex in many if not most of the roleplay scenarios in SL - especially Gorean roleplay.

  6. Be Strange. If you do have to venture into an area where you may run into others, be strange or scary. This isn't as easy as it sounds. You can't be too strange or scary or you might draw unwanted attention. You have to be just strange enough to deter any communication. It's a tough balancing act, but with practice, you'll find the right look.
I'm sure I will think of more techniques as time passes, but this should do for now - as a start.

Style Notes:
Photos 1 & 2
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Photo 3
Skin - Frick - Fisticuffs Noir - Wearable Demo
Dress - SK Designs - Pain

Poses are part of my AO from red Queen - ETrangE
Location: Ghostly Forest


being strange works very well...


Is it sad that I do this?

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Seriously though, to the people who complain about it ... Whatever happened to just saying "no"? It works extremely well for me (and I traipse around scantily clad all the time)


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