Blogger Challenge - Favorite Freebies

This one is a few days late, but I wanted to post my favorite freebies of 2009 - Sileny's Blogger Challenge.

These are the things I had the most fun with, after all, isn't that what SL is all about?

From the Twisted Hunt Fall '09, the Bloody Piano from ::Gehenna:: - it is one of my favorite items in my inventory, and I can sit and play it for hours while staring at the bloody knife thinking evil thoughts.

The Witches Kitchen from the amazingly cool Shanistic Zenovka of Claw'd (also from the Twisted Hunt)- I had SO much fun cooking my friends in this kitchen!  There's nothing better than friends for dinner!

And, of course who could forget the exclusive Callie Cline hair - a gift to the bloggers during the summer!  I can't remember when I laughed as hard as I did when I first put this on!

Thank you, designers, for making me laugh, for sharing your creative talents, and for making SL such an amazing place.


HAH! I love these! Great post :D


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