Blogger Challenge - Then and Now

Here is my answer to yet another Blogger Challenge, this one from Sophia Harlow via Plurk.  She asked bloggers to post a picture of themselves in the past and now.

Here's me about 3 weeks into SL waiting for a concert to begin at Rhapsody Isle:

Hair - <TheAbyss> Hair - Aeon - Full Moon
Shirt - Ducknipple - Snabble Knit Top
Necklace - *AD* free love medaillon
Cat - *AD* black shoulder cat
Skin - *~{Frick} Retro Pinup: Peach Betty (I think)

And me now:

Hair - !lamb. Bang Bang Bob - Ink
Skin - L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 1} [Eve-FR]
Dress - Jillybean's Black Sparkle Dress
Tattoo - >>> moloko <<< Stardust Tattoo Female
Piercings - [Miasma] Locked
Photo taken with FilterCam from Mechanized Life

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