Hair Fair Fun Hair 1

I didn't just buy bobs at hair fair.  I also found some great unusual hairstyles that can be used to create fun looks.  I love DarkerSide's retro Victory style.  I bought it early on at the fair and noticed it was nice and low arc.  I ended up wearing it the entire time I was shopping.  I was so excited to hear that House of Munster is back.  I fell in love with Lola, with the built in horns.  What a wonderful idea!  Katat0nik has a wonderful kinda bob style hair.  You can change the color of the hair, the streaks, and the bow.  It is perfect for matching any outfit.  Finally, BC322, which makes great unique styles,  released this pink streaked hair - it's a color combination I'm sort of obsessed with at the moment - black and hot pink.  

Hair Fair Fun Styles

Hair Fair Booth Slurls:

Skins (reading clockwise from top left)
(1)Launa Fauna - Lapine Pale 1 Eve
(2)The Plastik - HalloweenSkin - Ghost-Smoke-Shadow
(3)Moonshadow Skins - Goth - Plurple
(4)I CE COCO - Margot : 6

Eyes by Amiesi
Top by Vextra Fashions - "Zipped Leather Corset"


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