Hair Fair Bobs 3!

This is the end of the Bobs of Hair Fair series of posts. I wasn't able to get all the bobs, because, well, I kinda ran out of money, so I had to make some hard choices. I may go back later to pick up more bobs, though.  I am definitely a fan of W&Y Hair, and I really like how this style covers the left eye.  I was drawn to the SyDS Hair style because of the little piece of hair that hangs in front of the right eye.  The Rock Candy style is short in the back and much longer in the front, one of my favorite RL styles, and HCT's smooth, chic style is very simple and elegant.  The last two are styles that I've worn while growing out my bobs in RL. ♥

Hair Fair Bobs 3

SLURLS to Hair Fair Booths:

Skin by Curio
Eyes by Aimesi


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