Dilly Dolls & Roawenwood for Twisted Hunt

I am in love with the little Dilly Dolls Voodoo Doll Avatar from the Twisted Hunt.  This tiny little avatar comes in two versions - a plain and a bloody one.  The plain one is the Twisted Hunt gift.  The bloody one is the prize for the mini twisted hunt within the shop.

Dilly Dolls Voodoo Avatar

Dilly Dolls & Roawenwood

This little voodoo doll has been naughty.  She keeps playing in the Roawenwood Twisted Rose Arbor.  I think evil voodoo left those skulls behind.

Dilly Dolls & Roawenwood

Voodoo Doll Full Avatars:  Dilly Dolls
Twisted Rose Arbor:  Roawenwood


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