How to Hunt without Driving Yourself or Others Crazy

I finished the Twisted Hunt yesterday afternoon. It was an absolute blast - fantastically organized, challenging, and entertaining. I found some great new shops, and got to revisit some of my old favorites. But, I was dismayed when, shortly after finishing the hunt, I got a notecard from the organizers. There have been some complaints that the hunt is too hard, even with all the group support. The complaints have been so frustrating to the organizers that they are actually considering making this hunt their last. What a pity that would be. The Twisted Hunt is, in my opinion, one of the best hunts in Second life, and the prizes are absolutely amazing.

I don't want that to happen, so, in the interest of community service, I want to share my hunting system with everyone. This system really works. I guarantee that if you follow these steps, you will not only find your prize, but you will also find the hunting experience to be fun and rewarding.

Step 1: Join the hunter's group and find the blog. The more information you have to start with, the more fun you'll have on the hunt. Most of the time, this information is available at the starting point. Look through the group notices to see if there are any shops that you will need to bypass or that have moved or closed. Sometimes, you can also find hints in the notices. The blog will often post hints, or at least the lineup of shops.

Step 2: Cam around the landing spot. On the Twisted Hunt, for example, the prize is, in most places, within 20 meters of the landing spot. Before you go anywhere, cam around. Look up high and down low.

Step 3: Make a plain view sweep of the shop. You wouldn't believe how well this works. I just start walking around the shop - I almost always start to the right, walk around the perimeter outer walls, then across the middle. There are certain places that shop owners like to place their prizes that can be easily seen this way. Some favorites:
  • Above the front door on the ceiling.
  • Behind the front desk
  • Behind or near the group sign
  • On couches or tables
  • In chandeliers
  • On top of wall dividers
  • Tucked in corners
  • Embedded in an item of the same color (i.e., a purple box is embedded in a skirt in an ad for a purple dress)
Step 4: Cam around the shop to look in places hidden from plain view: Many shop owners place their prizes behind signs or in hidden nooks. If you don't see the prize in plain view, it's probably hidden. Look under tables, inside lamp shades, between a curtain and the wall, and even in toilets or sinks. If the hunt item is sculpted, here's a secret trick - sometimes using the wire mesh helps alot! Hit Ctrl + Shift + R and cam around. That will help you see through things easier, but remember, if the item is small, it might not be rezzed if it's on the other side of the shop. You'll still need to walk around.

Step 5: Think logically, think like a shop owner: If you owned the shop, where would you hide it? If the store is large, and you're looking for a gothic item, where is the gothic section? It's likely that the store owner placed the themed item near that themed section of the store. The store decor can tell you a lot about the owner's personality. Where does the shop owner want you to go in their store? What do they want you to see?

Step 6: Sit back, take a breath, and just browse the store. If you still haven't found the prize, don't get frustrated. Take a break, read the profiles of the other hunters, actually shop in the store, and think about the time, effort, and creativity involved in creating the items the shop owner sells. A lot of time, if you just step back from the hunt and enjoy the place, you'll find the prize.

Step 7: Befriend other hunters, hunt in a group: If you notice other hunters looking frustrated, help them. If you see the same people in store after store, talk to them. You wouldn't believe how helpful it is to have others hunting with you. There are even stories of romances starting and deep friendships forming among people who met on hunts.

Step 8: If all else fails, ask for a hint: I keep the group chat open so if I need a hint, I'm not asking for something that someone 5 minutes earlier asked for. Just go back through the chat log and see if the hint is already there. Usually, the hint will lead you right to the item, especially if you've already surveyed the store.

Step 9: Skip the store and return later: If you still can't find the item, just move on to the next store. You can always return later, and a lot of the time, when you do, you'll smack yourself for having missed the obviously placed prize.

Step 10: No matter what, be a polite hunter: Never complain or be rude in group chat, never harass the shop owner, and always remember that you do not have a right to anything free in SL. If you really do have a legitimate complaint, write it in a politely worded notecard and send it to the hunt organizer who will take care of it. That's all you need to do. If you don't like the hunt, or a shop, or someone in the hunt, just move on. If someone asks for help, and you're available, go for it! The hunt organizers and chat moderators are unbelievably busy, and any help they can get, they'll appreciate.

I hope this advice helps. Let me know in the comments if you have tips, tricks, or advice for hunters, and HAPPY HUNTING!


This is an amazing list, I plan on sharing it with as many people as possible! Thank you :D


Fantastic! I do all of the above and it really does make hunts more enjoyable. I'm not even 1/4 through the Twisted hunt, but I did it first because I know it will be awesome. And I'm sad some designers are frustrated by the feedback. :( I wish the dummies that are lazy would give up rather than harass the designers. And grow up. It's a HUNT. And it's free. Srsly.


This really is filled with tons of great advice! I love doing hunts and your advice about joining the group and looking up the blog are SO spot on! Thanks for posting this, hopefully it will help a lot of hunters, organizers, and participating stores!


Great List of helps :-) I like esp. the part in your title "without driving OTHERS crazy" ;-)

Everybody that has been giving out hints and helps in group chats know what you mean ;-)

Just linked you on mine
can´t wait for your next hunt


If I can't find it, leaving and coming back has worked 100% of the time. Sometimes your frustration just blinds you to something that isn't so hard to find. Great list!


This is SO good that is printed and on my RL desk already! :D Thank you for share your knowledge with us.


thank you for explaining hunt etiquette and advice on how to find the prizes :)


Or you could just do this. It doesn't bother anybody (except probably the guys in charge if they find out LOL).


The video shows the area search available in some viewers. Yes, you can use the area search, but it is considered poor etiquette. It significantly contributes to the lag, which we all know is a problem, especially in the bigger hunts. Imagine if everyone were doing area searches - no one would be able to move, or shop, or do anything. So the idea that it doesn't bother anybody is wrong.

It also takes all the fun out of it.


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