Twisted Hunt

I had a great time on the Twisted Hunt. I finished it, but I have to admit I did skip a few places in the middle. I never did find the box in Gaia, for example. I decided that I have abolutely no interest in returning to the places that made it too difficult to find the damn box. It is one thing putting it deep within the store, but it's entirely another to annoy your potential customers by doing things like putting the box inside a wall. They lost my business forever.

I'm not really a goth - more of a casual girl, but there were some wonderful finds. And, if I ever want to dress the goth part, I'm completely prepared. I loved some of the finds, like the boots, jewelry, and little goth dresses. Some of the stuff, like the brain window, I'll really never have much use for.

If it wasn't for the help of my buddy, Lilly Ogleby, I'd have never found some of the boxes. She's very cool. Here we are, enjoying some of our finds. I'm wearing the hair from DV8. Lilly is wearing a shirt of her own creation! It was her first!

I really loved the little bunny gift at the end. It's now a staple in my living room. That's Lilly being held by Bunny. Isn't she lucky he didn't drop her?


ooh where is this bunny from?


That wonderful bunny was from Tyranny Designs:


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