Just Floating Around

Just a quick LOTD.  I was cleaning my inventory, trying to prevent the impending explosion.  As I was going through it, I somehow ended up with this outfit, which I kinda liked.  So much for cleaning the inventory.  That's why it's so tough. I find something I like, then quit. *sigh*

Floating Around

Hair:  Magika - Delora
Skin:  Moonshadow Skins - Lia Goth - Cateye
Eyes:  Nominee - Stained Contacts - forest 
Shirt:  Ducknipple - Boot Grey Destroyed
Necklace:  Designed by Lamia Essex (a jewelry shop somewhere in Transylvania? - sorry)  :-(
Sweater:  A-Bomb - Women's Cable Knit Sweater - SLT Olive
Jeans: DV8 - RocketPunk Jeans (former Bucchanal item)
Boots:  HOC - Knee Boots Female Plain Colors
Pumpkin - Thistle Homes - Ghostly Pumpkin (Hunt Gift)


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