Go to Frick to Celebrate

Fricka Morgath of Frick Skins is celebrating her 3rd rez day with a wonderful free skin and sale.  Everything blue and red is 50% off her already crazy low prices.  Frick was one of the first shops I discovered in SL, and it has been one of my favorites ever since.  Happy rez day, Fricka!  And thank you for making SL so pretty.  :-)

Fricka's 3rd Rezday

Fricka's 3rd Rezday

Skin:  Frick - {Frick} Rezday Goodies in Noveria
Hair:  Shag - La Petite Mort - onyx
Eyelashes:  Glow Studio - Innocent eyelashes - soft
Necklace:  Primalot - The Rose (from Jewelery Fair)
Sweater:  Luck - Linc cashmere Top w/Longsleeve Black
Dress:  Frick - Mallard Leaves
Tights:  Bang Bang - Basic Wooly tights sombre black
Boots:  Animas Designs - Lady Biker Boots

Location:  Innsmouth


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