Because It's Not At All Sunny Here

I haven't seen the sun for weeks in RL and had a bad day today, so I thought a bright sunny trip to the Juicy sim would be the perfect cure.  That and these new boots from Dilly Dolls.  They're my new favorite!  I LOVE chunky boots!

I <3 Boots

It's only my second try at shadows and I'm not very good at it yet.  I think the gamma is too high for a pale skin tone, but since I'm a ghost, it doesn't matter.  :-)

Pose - Mela
Hair - Raspberry Aristrocrat - Halia Hair
Skin - Moonshadow Skins - Lia - Drama Brown Pale
Sweater - Bang Bang - Puffy Sleeve wrap brown sleeve
Tank - A Netherworld - black tank
Skirt - Sangre Noir - Gypsy Flexi Skirt Noir knee length
Bracelet - Blitzed - Legacy bracelet
Ring - Wretched Dollies - Diamond Poison Ring
Boots - Dilly Dolls - Lyden 2 Boot Brown
Tote - Boom - Take it Easy Tote
Glasses - December - Glasses No. 42
Necklace - Lolapop! - Lucretia Necklace - White/Black


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