Sn@tch for FFL

I love everything Sn@tch releases, and my favorite for Fashion For Life is the Betty, Please dress in black taffeta.  You have only one more day left, and the crowds are gone so there's no lag.  It's the perfect time to go check out the amazing designs!

Sn@tch for FFL

Skin: Redgrave  - 06   Paper Skin -Trinity- / venice
Hair: Clawtooth - Louise Brooks Black Beauty
Necklace: Magically Aluring - Edgar Allan Poe Choker (black)

Location: XIV


Holy cow, Isabeal. These photos are AWESOME! And I loved that you covered Ivey's work. You have made this all look so great! (Can I get any more stutteringly effusive?) Thank you for your support!


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