Horror Haute is Hot

So many wonderful things are out this month for Horror Haute!

Horror Haute - January 2013
The dress is by Death Rocker Betty Crocker (DRBC) and the skin from FK! Designs for Horror Haute.
(Hair by Kin, Horns by Rue, Shoes by Schadenfreude, Skybox by Garden of Dreams).

Horror Haute

Zombie Hands Lingerie by Distorted Dreams,  Amaranthine Tattoo by CoLLisions, and Doll Vanity by Del's Odd Shop for Horror Haute. (Hair by Alice Project, skin by Gala Pheonix).

Horror Haute

Bath Salts Minidress by Corvus for Horror Haute.  (Vicious Hair by Alice Project - new/free from Sinister Goth Hunt bangs are from Lillian Hair by Alice Project, The Dark Half Eye Makeup by Kosh ).

All poses are by Ilaya.


I love your second photo in this set!! So cute!


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