Skin Fair Preview - Favorites

Skin Fair 2015 runs from March 13th to March 29th, and I just wanted to show a little preview of my favorites this year:

Skin Fair Preview - Favorites

I tried on a lot of demos, and these are the 5 skins that I fell in love with - all for different reasons.  I'm amazed at just how pretty the PXL's Aeryn skin is.  It has a softness to it that is lovely.  Static's skin, Seia, is just plain glamorous (worn here with PXL's SweetLips).  Ab.Fab's Amy Lee skin looks amazingly like Amy Lee, one of my favorite singers, and the skin is so sexy!  !Imabee's Imogen skin is really unusual.  It's unlike any other skin at the fair, and I am such a fan.  Finally, The Immortalia skin from The Plastic is really unique - there are only a few fantasy skins at the fair this year, and this one, I fell in love with. It's veiny and vampy and chilling. 

Individual reviews of each of these five gorgeous skins are forthcoming.

Be sure to visit Skin Fair 2015 when it opens and check these skins out!

Hair by Little Bones - Sea Foam
Necklace by ANE - Dark Matter Necklace
Top by Goth1c0 - Katrina Cropped Corset - Black (at The Wash Cart Sale)
Nose Piercing by Pomposity - Skull Nose Piercing (at Suicide Dollz)


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