Anti-Valentine's Day

Of all the holidays, Halloween is my favorite and Valentine's Day is my least favorite.  Enough with all the sweetness and love stuff.  I can't wait until February 15th!

To celebrate the horror that is Valentine's Day, Lolapop re-released this super cute tattoo called "Love Hurts."  She's got that right!  It comes in 4 color versions and is only 1L!  Plus, Kissed by Lithium just released this cute anti-valentine's day doll dress.  I think it's perfect for the occasion, and it goes really well with my new tattoo.

Love Soul recently released two new cute bobs.  I'm wearing the shorter one.  I have a serious addiction to wearing cute little bobs.  This one is just darling.  I splurged on their prim nails, too.  They're cute little decorated nails with a matching ring.  My next purchase is going to be those claw ones.  I may not bite, but I definitely scratch.  (I'm sure that sounds a little weird).  Heartsick is having a skin sale and have a bunch of skins set out for sale for 1L.  They are also participating in the Broken Heart Hunt and the skin I'm wearing is their hunt gift.  Another addiction of mine - skins with red lips and dark eyes.  *swoon*

It's nice to see I'm not the only anti-valentine's day person around the grid.

Eyes - Clover Real Eyes #3
Skin - Heartsick - Aether: Ruby Lips (Broken Heart Hunt Gift)
Hair - Love Soul - Hair*030-A*Black (New Release)
Nails - Love Soul - Prim nails+Ring*Gothic doll*Black
Dress - Kissed by Lithium - Anti-Vday Doll Dress (New Release)
Tattoo - Lolapop - Love Hurts Tattoo Red/Black (Valentine's dollarbie)
Shoes - Animas Designs - Lady Biker Boots

1st Pose by Leafy, 2nd by Mela


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