I remember

I remember a poem I read long ago:

Beloved, lay your hands on my heart in it's gloom.
Do you hear that? Like tapping inside of a room?
A carpenter lives there with malice and glee.
He's building a coffin - a coffin for me.

He hammers and pounds with such fiendish delight,
I can never sleep, neither daytime or night.
Oh, carpenter, hurry the hours that creep;
Come, finish your labor - and then I can sleep.
                                             ~ Heine

Eyelashes - Glow - Innocent, eyelashes - soft
Eyes - House of Ruin - Spectrum: Velvet, hollow
Necklace - Grim Bros - neckproteck (Midnight Mania Prize)
Shoes - N-core - 3" Ankle multicolor (Group Gift)
Tattoo - Moloko - Stardust Tattoo
Skin - Gala Pheonix - Moonbeam Frex [light] Cupid - Allure 1
Hair - Analog Dog - Delora Jet
Lip Piercing - Dreams - Pentagram Lip Rings Set (R)
Dress - Kissed by Lithium - Lorcet Black & Pink (R)


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