A Sn@tch Girl on a Scooter

I rode a scooter all through college and never had an outfit this cool!  Now, I ride a Harley Sportster, a bike befitting of an outfit like this.  This is newness from Sn@tch - Girl on a Scooter.  I chose the red version - to match my bike (which is black with red blood spatter painted on).

I'm also really enjoying my new N-Core boots - a group gift from the shop - they come with color changing leg warmers which you turn off or on.  I also love these nice long, sharp, fingernails, which can also be used as weapons (not really), from Mandala.  They come with some nice chunky bracelets which I'm not wearing, mostly because I forgot when I was doing these pics.

It's too cold in RL to go for a ride, but as soon as the weather warms up, I'll be back - the little goth girl on the Harley - riding around town smiling at small children with my vampire fangs. LOL


Hair - Zero Style - * 0 Style *Maya*(Raven)_M
Skin - Ugly Duck - Bella - Redlips - cateye
Outfit - Sn@tch - Girl on a Scooter Single (Red)
Shoes - N-Core - 3" Ankle Multicolor (Group Gift)
Nails & Rings - Mandala - Takara Nail/Black
Necklace - *Dreams* - Heart Locked Buckle Collar
Tattoo - >>> moloko <<< - Stardust Tattoo

ps - I had to use Emerald's extra attachment points to wear both the pant cuffs and the boots at the same time.  We need more attachment points in SL!


You look fab in this! Great pics!


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