Out with the New; In with the Old

For awhile now, I've been pondering the direction of this blog.  I started it, not because I thought I had any sort of fashion sense whatsoever, but because I felt like I had something to say.  I began by mostly posting substantive ponderings about a year ago, but lately, it's been all about fashion.  That's a bit sad, sort of, because honestly, I have no sense of style.  I'm the type of person whose clothes are regularly thrown out on What Not to Wear, and I think, "Hey!  I love that outfit!"

So, I've decided to go back to my roots, to the origins of this blog, to actually saying something.  So, what can I say?  I wander around SL observing, mostly.  I've always been more of an observer than a doer.  People fascinate me, and what I find most fascinating about SL is the adaptation of real life phenomenon into the virtual medium.  I've already written about social control, the presentation of self, and building community. I think those posts are some of my favorites, but there are too few them.

I'm also a teacher, and that career path pushes me towards communicating to others what I know in ways that may be useful.  The teacher side of me led to posts like How to Hunt Without Driving Yourself and Others Crazy and How to Not get Picked up in SL.  The "how to hunt" post is the most popular post in this blog, and it makes me feel like I'm actually contributing something to the SL community.  I like that feeling, so I will be returning to that sort of blogging (while, of course, pretending to be all fashionista-like.  Bwahahahaha).

So, like, don't have a cow if you see something academic in this blog.  (Hey, I had to work that cow in somehow, didn't I?)


~Isa J

Hair - !lamb. Bang Bang Bob - Ink
Skin - L.Fauna{Lapine.Pale 1}[Midnight-FR]
Outfit - *~*HopScotch*~* Betty Dot - Red
Glasses - [Curio] Black Glasses (freebie)
Necklace - LacieCakes - Betty Natural Pearl Necklace (old hunt gift)
Shoes - [V] Vignette Betty Dots white/black (freebie)
Cow - Altya's Dream Creations - Cow (freebie - fell from the sky)


omg cute


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