Move Over Denny Terrio!

I'm feeling like a disco queen tonight!  Rocking the disco poses, wearing boas and sparkly shoes, dancing to Abba, and doing the Hustle!

Is it possible to be a disco goth?  I don't think so, and I fear the bites for this little blunder, but sometimes, I just gotta go glam!  Besides, Van McCoy told me to "Do it. Do the Hustle!"

I'm rockin' the new Imabee Vivian skins in these photos, and OMG I love them.  They are GORGEOUS.  The makeup is not subtle, and the skins are very colorful.  They each come in plain and freckled versions, as well as with or without cleavage.  I love the shape of the nose and the fullness of the lips.  They're unique and creative.

Click on the picture to see a nice large close up of the make-ups.

I also love this new hair from I Love Olive - a shop that is quickly becoming one of my favorite hair shops in SL.  This style is called Luani and comes with the flower tucked behind the ear.

Hair - I Love Olive -  Luani Hair / Jet Black
Skins - Imabee: - Pale - Vivian Is Looking For Packs 1 & 2
Eyelashes -Sn@tch - Lush Glam Lashes (Black)(Free at the Black Bacchanalia - go to Silent Sparrow, click on the mushroom to get to the Rookery)
Eyes - House of Ruin - Spectrum Eyes: Velvet, hollow
Dress -Khush - Magenta Sequin Minidress - Silver
Socks - Khush - Socks - Sequins - Silver
Bolero - Khush - Nicole - Black Sheer
Shoes - *JD* Design - disco star
Boa - *JD* Design - Boa white


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