Fantasy Fair

You don't want to miss the Fantasy Fair.  It runs from April 19th to the 25th.  You can find tons of information about the fair on their blog - Fantasy Fair 2010. For me, the highlight is going to be Nominee's gargoyle avatars!  I blew my budget on it already, and it is absolutely stunning.

This is a complete avatar - 18 pieces total - including a shape, skin, eyes, and all prim pieces including prim hands and feet.  The head piece is amazing and the wings are beautiful.  You can buy gargoyle poses at the Nominee booth as well.  Then, all you have to do is perch on a tall building somewhere and do gargoyle things, like scare small children and fight crime.

Gargoyle Avatar - Nominee - Exclusively at the Fantasy Fair
Poses - Gargoyle Poses by Zarabella - At the Fantasy Fair

LOL - it's a short list because I'm a nekkid gargoyle!  Woo woo!


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