Happy Anniversary

Thursday was my parent's 50th Anniversary.  They didn't do much to celebrate.  In fact, my mom said it kind of made her feel sad because she feels old when you say, "50 years!"  They are such wonderful people, my mom and dad.  They have always been hard working, responsible, kind, loving, and giving.  I feel so lucky to have them in my life, so I wanted to dedicate this post to their story.

My parents met in a bar in San Diego in 1960.  They were there to hear the great Hogey Charmichael play piano.  My mom was a school teacher, and my dad was in the Marines.

My dad arrived with a group of his friends, and my mom was the hot chick at the bar.  She attracted a lot of attention from my dad's friends.  My dad said she was HAWT!

My dad's friends were a bit rude, though, and when they left, my dad approached my mom to apologize for the behavior of his friends. (Nice technique, huh?).  They started talking and found out they had many common interests.

My mom mentioned that she was hosting a bridge party the next week (is anyone old enough to remember bridge?).  My dad was an expert bridge player, so my mom invited him to her bridge party.

He went to the party and they both quickly fell in love.  They were married only 11 weeks after they met, and of course, the rest is history - 50 years later, they are have two children, one grandchild, two granddogs, and a grandcat.  It's not a big family, but it's a loving one.

My parents are two amazing people.  They have a great sense of humor, know how to have fun, are sources of vast amounts of wisdom, and have worked hard to make the world a better place.  I wish there were more people in this world like my parents and that every child was as loved as I.

On Isabeal:
Skin: Ugly Duck - Bella - Redlips - cateye
Hair: I Love Olive - Doris/Jet black
Dress - Ingenue :- : Fraxinus :: Crimson
Jewelry - Lolapop! - Wicked Elegance Set (black pearls)
Shoes - A-Bomb - Dolly pumps

On Renfield:
Skin: Muism - Xavier damage_ B2_Hair_Scars [Gift]
Outfit: PX - USMC - Men Officer Class A Uniform (on xstreet)

All photos taken in the *NOIR* scene skybox by Luna McMillan.  The Salsa dance pose is from Posies


Wow, what a lovely story, Isabeal! It's so encouraging to see marriages like theirs in a world where there are so many divorces these days. It's wonderful to know that love can last and endure and grow throughout the years. May they have many more happy years together.


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