Preview - Wichita Skins

Sindecade will be releasing an update to the Wichita skin line soon.  These skins are hand drawn and come in three skin tones, snow, pale, and tan.  I reviewed these skins today, and they are lovely, with no obvious seams and smooth shading.

The skins include push-up cleavage, lingerie, shiny eyes (see the photos below, they are stunning), tintable eyebrows, and a female shape.  They are 2.0 ready with tattoo and underwear layers with 22 hairline colors, push up enhancers, and pubic options.  Single skins are L$800 and fatpacks are L$3800.

Here is a preview of some of the skins that will be available:

In the snow tone, Candy - Rosebay, Freckles - Natural, Candy - Retro, and Casual - Natural

In the Pale tone:  Candy - Poison, Candy - Retro, 9pm Cherry, and 9pm - Bite

In the Tan tone:  9pm - Ink, Freckles - Natural, Freckles - Spring, and Casual - Violet

Again, the shading on the body is lovely - I especially like the butt!  For the full body shot, I'm wearing my favorite of the series below - the Pale, Candy - Poison.

More information is available at the Sindecade blog and in the Sindecade shop.

Other credits:  Hair by I Love Olive - Emma Jet Black, Poses by PDA (no longer available)


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