Beware of my cold dark heart

Sangre Noir is another one of my favorite shops in SL.  I admire Noirran Marx's dreamy gothic style, and I have just discovered that she makes the best vampire teeth in SL.  While I normally consider my avatar to be more of a ghost than a vamp, I couldn't resist wearing her wonderful teeth!

Her style is very romantic and you can find lovely long romantic dresses that don't seem too ballroom gown-ish. They flow nicely and have beautiful details.  They're perfect for those of us who are romantic goths (what kind of goth are you?).  Don't I look like a hungry vampire?  You should definitely beware.  It's been ages since I've had a bite.  Come closer.  Let me whisper a secret into your ear.

There are beautiful romantic details in Noirran's designs.  These dresses feature lace sleeves, ribbons, bows, and full length skirts.  I look better when I've eaten, don't I?  You don't have to be afraid of me anymore.  I think I can control my appetite now.

I wanted to feature, close up, these vampire teeth that I love so much.  When you smile, laugh, or growl, the teeth stay set appropriately.  And the lovely Marilyn piercings that go with the teeth set, just add to the image of dark romance.

Even Norrain's more casual designs are romantic.  From flowers on pant legs to bare shoulders and roses on simple tops, there is something to keep all the romantic goths in SL happy, that is, until they get hungry again.  It's funny how, when you're a vampire, your existence is controlled by your desire to eat.  It's just that all of you mortals look so...yummy.

Taxi to Sangre Noir but beware of little goth girls standing in dark alleys.

I also want to mention I'm wearing a number of items from the Alt Fair.  I'm wearing skins from Sn@tch and IrEn, and jewelry from Lolapop. If you haven't been, yet, I highly recommend it.  There are many wonderful and exclusive items available, like the beautiful items I am wearing, that the designers have donated to Nothing but Nets.  It's a good cause.  Don't miss it.

Photo 1
Top - Sangre Noir - Antique Lace Tunic Noir (modest)
Skirt - Sangre Noir - Gypsy Flexi Skirt Noir ankle length
Hair - Exile - Mercy/twilight
Skin - Iren - Evangeline ghost_noBT (at the Alt Fair)
Necklace - Lolapop! Blood Lust Necklace
Photo 2
Dress - Sangre Noir - 18
Skin - Iren Evangeline fair_eyeliner_noBT (at the Alt Fair)
Hair - Exile - Shirelle/Twilight
Necklace - Lolapop! Icon Choker Bronze Pearls (Alt Fair charity item)
Ring - Sangre Noir - Gothic Onyx Ring
Top - Sangre Noir - Dark Roses Tunic
Jeans - Sangre Noir - Midnight and Roses Jeans
Skin - Sn@tch - Plush Skin (Tone 1-Bruse 2) (Alt Fair charity item)
Hair - Exile - Carly/twilight
Necklace - Lolapop! Bitten Choker
In all photos:
Eyes - House of Ruin - Spectrum: Velvet, Dark
Eyelashes - Glow Studio -  Innocent eyelashes - soft
Fangs/Piercings - Sangre Noir - Fangs and Piercings Marilyn
Nails - Sn@tch - Nail Candy (brick)


Thank you so much for the post! It all looks lovely on you.


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