OMG! Isa's Wearing Pink!

I know.  I know.  It's pink, but it's Sn@tch and it's free.  I will wear pink for Sn@tch any day.  You can get this dress at the new Second Style Island sim as an opening gift.  The hair is new from I Love Olive, and of course, I'm going to pretend it was named after me, even though I know it wasn't.  I mean, so many bloggers have hair named after them, it's only fair to let me pretend, isn't it?

Hair - I Love Olive - Isa Hair/Black
Skin - Imabee - Pale - Vivian - Vivian is Running Out of Time
Dress - Sn@tch - Far Away - for Second Style (free!)
Boots - Dilly Dolls - Danielle Boots Dark - for the Black and Blue Fair, location TBA


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