Dilly Dolls for Black and Blue Fair

For the Black and Blue Fair, which starts on Thursday and runs through July 3rd, Dilly Dolls is releasing these two cute new dresses.  They come in, of course, black and blue.  The boots are new from Dilly Dolls, too and are color change.  The boots are really unusual.  You may not be able to tell from the picture, but the boots on the right have little bows on the front with little skulls.  The skulls are color change, too and you can set them to invisible.  I made mine blue.  Click the picture for a larger view.

The location for the fair is secret until it opens.  Check the official blog for more information.

Skin - Imabee - Pale - Vivian - The Heart of Queen Vivian/Freckles
Hair - Dilly Dolls - Melany II (The Darks)
Dress:  Dilly Dolls - Evan Blue
Boots:  Dilly Dolls - Pansa Boots
Dress:  Dilly Dolls - Corrin Blue
Boots:  Dilly Dolls - Danielle Boots Dark


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