What Has Been

"What has been exists no more; and exists just as little as that which has never been. But everything that exists has been in the next moment. Hence something belonging to the present, however unimportant it may be, is superior to something important belonging to the past; this is because the former is a reality and related to the latter as something is to nothing."

Something happened on the way to the party.

Will I ever be the same?  

It's no longer important now.  I shall only look forward and embrace this gift.

Skin - Tuli - Hope (goth) 01
Hair - Fashionably Dead - Sparks - Nothingness
Dress - Has Been - Bitter Black
Shoes - ByKay - Mayaka
Jewelry - Garage - Silk Bead - Black
Bite Marks - Dreamin'g Alice - Vampire bite tattoo - 02breast (free)


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