Time is NOT on my side

How is your SL going?  I've been struggling with finding the time.  I think the superpower I would want the most would be to manipulate time.  But, then, it would probably end up bad for me, like the Twilight Zone episode with the stopwatch that could stop time.  Or I'd meet myself, like that episode of Land of the Lost, and then I'd scare myself silly and run screaming.  Or I'd go back in time and end up being squished by a dinosour.  Or, I'd run into Keano Reeves.  Well, that might be good, so it wouldn't happen.  Maybe that's why all I can do is have time on this wanted t-shirt from Nominee.

This outfit is something I would wear in RL.  I absolutely love these jeans from RezIpsa - especially the way they come with sock extensions to make then real skinny leg jeans.  It speaks for itself - Brilliant!

This group gift skin from I CE COCO is tremendously cute.  I've been looking at skins with unusual noses.  It seems to me that there are way too many little skinny pinched supermodel noses in SL.  I have kind of a thing for larger noses, and I love how this nose is just a little wide.  A larger nose can really add character to a face.    I also love the slight dark circles under the eyes.  More time!  If I had more time, I'd get more sleep!

Skin - I CE COCO - Scarlett Freckles (group gift)
Hair - Shop Seu - Kurukuru hair long [brown:pattun]
Eyes - Rfyre/Pulse - Le Mystere Eyes - Sapphire
Top - Nominee - Wanted - time
Jeans - RezIpsa Loc - Black Flower Jeans
Hand Tape - SiniStyle - SiniStyle Taped Fist
Boots - Adjunct - Loner Boot - Brown


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