I think some of the best things in life came out of the 80s.  Flashdance, Joan Jett hair, leg warmers, and of course, the music.  I will always be loyal to my 80s bands.  I still love you Robert Smith, Ian Astbury, and Andrew Eldritch.  Steve Perry, you can always sing me your power ballads.

Skin:  Imabee - Pale - Vivian - Vivian Meets the White Queen
Hair:  Truth - Sylvia Streaked - Crow
Shirt and Leggings:  Veschi - Flash Trash for Themeory (Tinted Red)
Jeans - Zaara - Jeans Classic indigo
Shoes - 2Real Footwear - Pro Spec
Eyes - Rosie's Thingies - Antonia Wine Medium
Necklace - Lolapop! - Trapped Heart Necklace
Eyelashes - Cake - Cleo II Lashes

Location - Art Box - CBGB Set

Poses by Everglow and PDA


Hi. lets make babies please!!

i loooooove the imabee skin on you. you look like hot sex.


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