I found some cool stuffs

Why am I so addicted to long curly hair in SL?  That and little cute bobs?  It's my problem in RL, too.  I can't decide between the two, and I can't have both at the same time.  I really wish I could just change hair in RL like I do in SL.  This new hair from Analog Dog is great for pictures because it comes with a shoulder attachment so the hair flows in front and in back.

The boots are new from A-bomb.  The texturing is lovely, and the buckles and straps are sculpted.  I'm addicted to boots, too.  I like them so much better than the stilettos I see all over the grid.  I know avatar feet can't hurt, but psychologically, I still feel the pain of heels.  Strange, that is.

I got these cute little wrist cuffs from Ezura.  They can make any outfit fancy.  And this little dress is another one from Vesna.

Other finds of the day - this gorgeous black widow spider necklace from Moon Dance Designs - their 60L Sunday special.  Psssst...bit secret...you can find some wonderful deals on 60L Sunday.  It's not as well known, but I've found some real gems, and they put everything on Picasa so it makes shopping easier.

Finally, check out these eyes!  They're from Rosie's Thingies.  I love the red.  They go so well with my Sn@tch skin.  They make me feel all evil inside.  And, combined with that black widow spider, I know exactly what I need to do.  

Hair - Analog Dog - Dive Jet
Skin - Sn@tch - Plush Skin (Tone 1-Bruise 2)
Eyes - Rosies Thingies - Antonia Blood Large
Dress - Vesna - Kate Dress black
Wrist Cuffs - Ezura - Crown Lolita Cuffs *Black Set
Stockings - Blowpop - Seamed Fishnet Tights-Black-Rip
Shoes - A-Bomb - Addison unisex boots
Necklace - Moon Dance Designs - Jeweled Spider Necklace
Eyelashes - Glow Studio - Innocent.eyelashes - soft

Poses - PDA (no longer available) and Everglow


squeeeee! I hoped you would like the boots! Thank you!


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