Let me just say that I have absolutely nothing to contribute today to the blogosphere. There isn't an intelligent thought running through my head right now. I think it's the weather.

I do want to mention that I had a very nice conversation with Alejandra from Wetherby's last night. She is just a lovely lady and as kind as they come. I believe that people who are truly good people to their core should succeed. Wetherby's has a lot going on this week - new Midnight Mania boards, lucky chairs, freebies. I would encourage everyone to visit the store and please don't just take. It would be nice if you would buy something that you see that you like, just to support someone who is making SL a better place for all of us.

That's my friend Professor Afterthought wearing a wonderful Wetherby's creation - the clothes are perfect for avatars who need a professional appearance, like the Professor.

I have been spending some time exploring some of the featured sites in SL, and finally made it to Welsh Lakes. It was so peaceful and relaxing that I just had a seat on the beach and watched the water while thinking about why there are mean people in the world. I wondered whether sometimes, I can be mean. I know I'm irritable occasionally, and I just don't understand the motivation behind much of what goes on in SL. I wonder if it is possible to voice irritation without being mean about it. I wonder if being irritable is bad. Should it be stifled, or does that just lead to boughts of explosive violence and heart disease?

Isabeal ponders meanness while wearing her own black t-shirt, a white Bauhaus cami from Sn@tch, leggings from Ducknipple, hair from Magika (Le Look), and Violet Voltaire cameo jewelry.


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