Where are my people?

Now I'm relatively new to SL, mind you, and I've already discovered that SL is filled with vampires, furries, gorians, strippers/escorts, fashionistas and nekos. I don't fit into any of those groups, though. I identify more with Buffy than with Spike, I've never wanted to be an anthropomorphized animal, I am really not into B&D (it's WAY too sexist for my psyche to handle), I don't understand the thrill with seeing avatars strip. It's like watching nekkid barbies. And I like cats, but I don't want to have to deal with a tail and ears.

So, where does someone like me find others in second life who fit into this "none of the above" category? Where do they hang? What kinds of things do they do? Are there support groups for the uncategorized? I'm just asking. I think I need it.


We are here, believe me!


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