Pretty and Free

I suppose I've become a big fan of freebies and hunting. Here's my latest get-up. It was all free (except for the hair). At Malt, I found the easter egg and joined the group. The dress is from the easter egg hunt, the bag is a group gift, and the shoes were free from xstreet. They're the new prim toes shoes. It was difficult getting the color right until I realized that I shouldn't pay any attention to the scripted color and look at the advanced menu color under curser tool instead for guidance.

The skin is one of the new sneak preview skins from Diversity. The hair is not free from Armidi.

This outfit is nice, but it is definitely something I would never ever in a million years wear in real life. Me in pink? Imagine that! My friends would run screaming something about Stepford Wives.

The picture was taken at the new Wetherby's store. My sisters work there as models. I had to see the show and check out all the new dresses. It's a beautiful store, and Alejandra is very sweet to my sissies. Her dresses are pretty cool, too.


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