The Things Nightmares are Made of

I was wandering around some of the featured sites in Sl, just people watching and killing time. Little did I know that I would serendipitiously run across something which would re-awaken a long gone nightmare. When I was a kid, I made the mistake of watching The Hand, a frightening movie about a murderous disembodied hand that crawls its way across the floor seeking out victims.

I lost sleep for a week after that movie, fearing that the hand was lurking under my bed just waiting to pounce. I had forgotten that movie, or so I thought, until I ran across this young lady wearing, of all things, a hand outfit. I was frightened and very disturbed. Not only was she wearing disembodied hands, but they were robot hands - soulless hands - the kind that can easily turn murderous. This poor lady is but one step away from having all those hands wrapped around her poor pixel neck squeezing her breath away (avatars do breath, you know). I don't think I could sleep with those hands even in my inventory, much less on my body. Now, she's a cute girl (aside from the bad baby in womb tattoo), but I don't understand the hand outfit. It just scares me, and it should scare her, too.


I know exactly what you mean. I once wrote a post for What The Fug about a snake lady. The bottom half of her avatar was a snake and her scales were so well textured I got creeped out every time I looked at her. *Not evening thinking about her forked tongue right now*


I just looked at that post, and I share your fear!


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