What good is sittin' alone in your room
Come hear the music play,
Life is a cabaret old chum
Come to the cabaret..

Reasonable Desires Cabaret

Put down that knittin', the book and the broom
Time for a holiday,
Life is a cabaret old chum
Come to the cabaret.

Reasonable Desires Cabaret

Outfit - Reasonable Desires - Cabaret
Hair - W&Y - Model Hair 20
Skin - Tuli - Jade (tone 1/bl) ::07a
Nails - VIRTUAL/INSANITY - EYE Rings & Nails (for the ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
Eyes - House of Ruin - Spectrum: Velvet, dark (Run! Don't walk to their closing sale!)
Piano in background by Glitterati
Microphone by Mindshift Products
Lyrics from the Broadway musical Cabaret


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