Plurk Blogger Challenge - In with old

In response to the Plurk Blogger Challenge, I started sifting through my inventory.  Wow, do I have some horrible things in there.  It's frightening.  However, I did find some hidden gems from my noob days.  I'm not as old as many of the other bloggers - just about 1 1/2 years in SL, so I can't pull out the stuff from 2006 or 2007.  I did find some of my old favorites.  I was very thankful for one shop in particular when I was a noob, Dogyanya2 and their lucky boards.  It always seemed to hit "I" when I was there! \o/

I just went back and visited the shop again and all three dresses are still on the lucky board.  They're cute, well made, and don't look noobish at all.  I got my Tesla pumps from Free Dove and for awhile, they were my only shoes.  I couldn't stomach the blinging boots that seem to be so popular.  I don't remember how I found Dogyanya2, but I took all my friends there when they were new.  There is also a nice freebie area on the sim with some other cute dresses, shoes, and accessories.  

My very first skin purchase was this Chai skin by Launa Fauna.  This skin is no longer available, but Launa Fauna's shop has some beautiful new skins that are among some of my current favorites..  And my first hair purchase (after getting the obligatory free hair from Gurlywood and Diversity was the Milano style from Armidi.  I thought it looked a lot like my RL hair, and I wore it ALL the time in my 1st couple months in SL.

Skin:  Chai Skin by Launa Fauna - Sugar - Tangerine Dream (no longer available)
Hair:  Armidi - Milano II - Midnight
Dresses:  Dogyanya2 - Lucky Board Prizes - still available!
Shoes:  Tesla - Elise2 Mary Jane Heels (at the Free Dove)
Eyes:  Pulse - Le Mystere Eyes - Emerald (not old)


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